Rio Lajas Falls

Rio Lajas Waterfall in CabuyaThis waterfall is legendary in the area, and few people have actually made the epic journey to see it. It’s a two-hour hike each way, so plan to spend the day hiking up to it… bring plenty of food and water.

To get there, drive south from Montezuma to the Cabuya Bridge. You’ll see it’s a fairly large river with a rocky bottom. You’ll probably see egrets or other water birds in the river. Start hiking up and follow the main river for over an hour until you get to a fork. Take the right fork and after around two hours total, you’ll get to the falls, quite a big one with plenty of water.

If you take the left fork, you’ll end up on the Rio Enmedio, and there’s another falls up there too, but it may be another two three hours to reach it. It’s not a very big falls and can be dry, so we don’t recommend it.

Good luck, this will be one of the best adventures of your trip to Costa Rica.

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