Rio Lajas Rivermouth – Los Reyes

The Rio Lajas Rivermouth is yet another super amazing epic beach spot to hang out at. It has a clean river with many pools to swim in, a ton of interesting water birds for birdwatching enthusiasts, a surf spot, and a long beach with almost no one on it.

How to find it

It’s easy to find. Just drive from Montezuma south about ten minutes and when you get to sizeable bridge with a huge tree on the right, park there if you’re planning on hanging out in the river itself. You can hike upriver to the left (two miles up is a huge waterfall: Rio Lajas Falls) or head downstream to the left and find many clear pools, that are excellent spots for kids to hang out in.

Surfing Los Reyes

There’s a nice surf spot here that soul-surfer types adore. Not many people go here because you have to walk quite a distance across sharp rocks and tend to get your feet bloodied not just by their sharpness, but by incoming waves rolling them onto you. Booties are a must or you will suffer.

The sandy rivermouthOnce you’re out to the surf, which is directly in front, you’ll find a point break that heads to the right, and can at times be quite long. To the right in the rivermouth itself, you’ll find peaks that head both ways. Both are fun. The surf here works at any tide level, but it’s finicky and works best with a good south swell.

Playa Los Reyes

The beach is grainy grey sand with a lot of rocks. If you walk quite a ways north you can reach Playa los Cedros, which has white sand and to most people’s eyes is much prettier. To the south is the white sand beach of Playa Cabuya, and farther still is Cabuya Island.

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