Dolphins – Seen all Year in Montezuma

A bottle-nosed dolphin in Costa Rica?

While you may see dolphins at any time of year in Montezuma, they’re actually pretty rare to see from the town or beaches.

Sometimes you’ll see a group of them swimming past, but you’re most likely to spot them from one of the boat tours, such as a sport-fishing trip, a journey to Tortuga Island, or even from the Paquera/Puntarenas Ferry.

The area has bottlenose dolphins, which are the most intelligent dolphin species, and have been made famous in TV shows such as Flipper and by movies such as Day of the Dolphin, or Dolphin Tale, both of which are great movies, by the way.

The photo above, was taken by me, but not in Costa Rica. It was in Roatan, Honduras. I wish we had more dolphins here and I’m not sure why we don’t see them more often, because there are plenty of fish for them to eat. Hopefully with new conservation measures that are currently being implemented by Costa Rica’s government, we’ll see more dolphins in coming years.

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