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Horseback riding in Montezuma

Montezuma and Santa Teresa are definitely cowboy country! Before the tourism boom, cattle ranching was the heart of the local economy, practically the only way that locals could earn a living here with the land, since no one had found a way to grow crops at competitive rates. So, nearly every local Tico is an expert rider, and the local rodeos are the area’s most popular events.

Exploring the area’s beaches and nature trails by horse is one of the most thrilling adventures in the area, and a highly recommended way to experience the beauty of Costa Rica and connect with nature and local culture at the same time.

There are many horseback outfitters here. You can book a tour almost anywhere, but some are better than others. There are many options as well for where to go. The following map shows some of the best routes:

Map of Horseback Tours

Map showing the most popular horseback tour routes

Description of the Routes

1. El Chorro Waterfall – One of the best… starts in Montezuma and goes across several remote beaches and national parks to reach a beachfront waterfall and white sand cover. Book with El Pinto or Cocozuma.

2. Florida Waterfall – An overland route through shaded rolling hills to a remote waterfall seldom seen by tourists. Spectacular. Offered by El Pinto or Cocozuma.

3. Montezuma and Cabuya Beaches – Some of the prettiest beaches you’ll ever see lie between Montezuma and Cabuya. See Las Manchas, Las Rocas, Los Cedros, and the Rio Lajas Rivermouth, as well as perhaps the largest tree in Costa Rica. Go with Solo Bueno Tours.

4. Star Mountain Route – Start out exploring the Star Mountain eco resort’s 200+ acre jungle farm, and then head down to the beach to see beautiful spots such as Mar Azul or Play Los Suecos. Star Mountain Lodge Website

5. Santa Teresa Beaches Tour – Beginning in Playa Hermosa, the horses travel south along the incredible white sand beaches of Santa Teresa. Ideal for an afternoon journey since the sun sets over the ocean. Contact Kata +506 8849-5716. Also available are horse rides and tours from 1 hour to 3 day overnight adventures.

6. Ario Beaches and Farm – Tour on a private 5000+ acre farm and beautiful pacific beaches. Arranged through Olingo Tour Guides.

Horseback Tour Articles:

  • Indiana Horse Tours Indiana Horse Tours Indiana Horse Tours offers an enjoyable way and unique way to see the lesser known scenic spots of Montezuma. Guests get to ride horse-back through the picturesque back roads of Montezuma to the gorgeous secluded waterfalls of Florida. What’s more? You can feast on a snack of delicious local tropical fruits and drinks while swimming ...
  • El Pinto Horseback Tours El Pinto, the best horseback tours in the southern nicoyal peninsula Marvin, the Costa Rican owner of El Pinto Horseback Tours, is a man who truly loves horses, and is completely passionate about his job. As I write this, Marvin has earned the #1 spot on Trip Advisor, beating out not only the other horse tour operators, but ALL other activities in Montezuma. His clients adore ...
  • Solo Bueno Tourguides Solo Bueno Tours and Tourguides in Cabuya Solo Bueno is a group of tour guides who grew up in Cabuya and thus know the area intimately. They specialize in taking small groups on various local adventures. Adventures offered by Solo Bueno: Cabo Blanco Park Snorkeling – Recommended! Solo Bueno is the only tour operator allowed to operate within the park’s boundaries. Snorkel ...
  • Olingo Surf and Nature Tours Olingo - Professional Surf Instructors and Nature Tour Guides The Olingo team are perhaps the best guides in the area. Professionally certified in Costa Rica, they work with many of the best hotels and retreat centers to provide surf instruction, horseback riding, birdwatching, guided sea kayak tours, etc. Note: This is the “high end” of nature tours, and it’s relatively expensive compared to self-guided ...
  • Horseback Tour to “El Chorro” Waterfall Without a doubt, one of the best things to do when visiting Montezuma is to take a horse tour. The only major industry around Montezuma besides tourism is cattle ranching, so Costa Rica is definitely cowboy country. The people here love their horses, and rodeos are frequent and very popular events. We highly recommend ...
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