Playa Las Rocas – A Secret Awesome Beach Experience in Montezuma

Montezuma's Playa Las Rocas

Amazing Playa Las Rocas is a short drive from Montezuma to the south, or perhaps 20-30 minutes by foot. It’s between the beaches of Playa los Cedros and Playa las Manchas.

This beach has a lot to it… there are two sandy beaches, with few waves because the rocks prevent the surf from getting too big, so it’s ideal for kids.

There’s a river-mouth with a rope-swing, and shade to sit in while the kids play in the fresh water river.

Playa las Rocas has a “whale’s tail” rock formation, as you can see in the photos, and it’s a lot of fun to scamper around on these rocks, some of which are quite colorful and very photogenic.

In front of the rocks is one of the best snorkeling areas, and it’s very popular among spear-fishermen and lobster-catchers. Many Tico families come here and park under the coconut trees, and the man of the family will often catch the family’s lunch or dinner.

Many people camp here under the palms, although it’s not an official, legal campsite. You can probably camp for a few days without anyone saying anything.

In short, Las Rocas is awesome.

Las Rocas:

To find it, drive or walk south from Montezuma (towards Cabuya) and when the road splits, take the left fork. After 200 meters or so, you’ll see a shady parking area under some palm trees, and possibly someone camping.

A second popular parking area is on the other side of the Cedros river. To find it, keep going south and cross a bridge. Take the next left and there’s usually a few cars parked there by the river and rope-swing.

Stuff Near to Las Rocas:

Playa Las Manchas – Beach to the south of Las Rocas, another great snorkeling spot
Playa Los Cedros – Point break for surfers, located just north of Las Rocas
Casa Las Rocas – Two bedroom beachfront home at Las Rocas for rent – $135-$165/night

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