Planning the perfect getaway to Montezuma, Costa Rica includes choosing the best accommodations that suit your particular needs and budget requirements.  One of the best things about this Costa Rican holiday spot is that it provides a wide variety of choices in tourist accommodations, each of which are designed to cater to varying preferences of guests.

Listed below are six of the top choices in Montezuma Accommodations, along with a brief description of what guests can expect from each one.



While there are several other types of available accommodations in Montezuma as well as the rest of Costa Rica, hotels remain extremely popular among most tourists mainly because they more or less already know what to expect.  However, it is important to note that the hotels found in Montezuma are on the low to mid end range, which means guests cannot expect luxurious amenities that are offered at high-end establishments.

What most hotels around the area offer are modestly sized rooms with comfortable beds and immaculately clean bathrooms.  The upside to choosing hotels in the area is that they are designed quite differently from big city hotel chains.  That is, the materials used in building each unit are mostly wood and other locally sourced construction tangibles.  In addition, most hotels in the area are family-run businesses so guests can expect a more personal touch as far as customer service is concerned.

Hotel rates range from as low as $10 up to $500 per night.  This type of accommodation is perfect for small families as well as group of friends who are out to explore the best of what Montezuma has to offer.

Note: There are no high end hotels in the immediate vicinity, but there are quite a few in the surrounding area outside Montezuma.


Bed and Breakfasts

Regardless of where they are located, B&B’s tend to be quaint and have quite a novel appeal to tourists.  Bed and Breakfasts are mostly family-run businesses and guests get to interact very closely with the owner/s.  Among the most obvious benefits of choosing this type of accommodation include lower rates (compared to hotels and private residences), and the chance to co-mingle with other guests who are also exploring the spectacular beauty that is Montezuma.

The breakfast items one can expect from most Bed and Breakfast establishments in Montezuma include bread, eggs, bacon, and other usual fares.  However, some B&B’s do treat their guests to some local cuisines that form part of the Costa Rican culture.

Should you decide to book a B&B for your stay in Montezuma, be sure to take note of the check-in time as well as the schedule for breakfast.



There is a burgeoning trend in travel these days, which involves very specific themes such as Yoga, medication, detox, and surfing.  Retreat Homes have become very popular over the past few years as more vacationers gravitate toward healing experiences while on holiday.  These retreat packages come with accommodations, which include guest rooms and food (as in the case of detox, diet, and organic food retreats).

Those who are not familiar with this type of accommodation should know that retreats revolve around specific activities such as surfing, meditation, aerial silk, food & cuisine or culinary arts (vegan/organic food retreats), horse riding, and scuba diving,  Guests are encouraged to participate in the daily activities, which are duly scheduled by the retreat center.

Retreats are very popular because they mainly promote wellness of the body as well as the mind.  Guests do not only get to enjoy their vacation but they also reap the health benefits of the activities.

Tip: Yoga retreats are extremely popular these days are more and more people find out about the numerous benefits of yoga, especially when incorporated with travel.  There are a number of excellent Yoga retreat centers in Costa Rica, not the least of which is Anamaya Resort.



This type of accommodation is ideal when travelling alone.  Hostels are budget-oriented establishments where guests usually share a room and sleep on bunk beds.  There are very few amenities in hostels, i.e. showers, bathrooms, sauna (not always available /offered) so it is not for guests who are meticulous or in need of privacy.

Hostels are highly recommended for backpackers who are exploring Costa Rica one town at a time.  If you are young, sociable, and on a tight budget, hostels definitely make for a great choice in Montezuma accommodation.



For outdoorsy types, camping accommodations is perhaps the best way to experience Montezuma.  Guests will have full access to the beach at all hours of the day (and night), which is great for those who like to go swimming whenever the mood strikes them.  It is important to note, however, that camping lodges are not ideal for privacy since it is an open-style accommodation.  If you do not mind sleeping where passersby can see you, this is exactly what you should book when travelling to Montezuma.


Vacation Rentals

For families and/or couples who want to be able to relax and have a home away from home, vacation rentals come highly recommended.  This type of lodging affords guests all the luxury they can expect from a good hotel, except that they can actually do so much more.  That is, guests have access to their own kitchen where they can prepare and cook their own meals, as well as a dining area to share a meal with family and friends.

Vacation rentals range from simple single detached homes to villas overlooking the beach.  These are by far the most expensive types of accommodation available in the area so guests have to be willing to spend good money.

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