Montezuma Heights

Montezuma Heights

This is the secret tucked away gem for families and couples. You can lie lazily on their hammock, enjoy spectacular views from the window, take a dip in the new pool or savor Montezuma’s refreshing balmy breeze. The hotel is located just outside Montezuma town but is easily accessible to the town center and for making short day trips to Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, Hermosa, Manzanillo, Montezuma Waterfalls and Playa Grande. The owners Peter and Natalie are really friendly and hospitable and give you all the insider lowdown on local eateries, the best beaches in and around the area and a bunch of great activity suggestions to suit your preferences. Since everything is so conveniently accessible from here – guests can make day drips to Curu and other nature reserves, participate in a gamut of adventure sport activities, go biking and quad riding through the coasts and enjoy the rainforests through a spectacular forest canopy tour.

This place is great for you if you’re the kind who just likes to get away from the entire touristy hustle bustle. It is an ideal natural escape for those wanting to enjoy the feeling of being in the quiet of the region’s famed flora and fauna, while enjoying quality time with family and friends. The rooms are clean and offer all comfortable amenities including a relaxing and comfortable bed, a shower and panoramic vistas of the surroundings. Montezuma Heights also provides a fully equipped kitchen that offers everything required to whip up a great budget holiday meal.

Guests are often seen beating the sultry afternoon blues by enjoying a dip in the hotel’s infinity pool located right next to the main house. The place is tucked away enough to help you avoid all the boisterous touristy holiday fun yet close enough to all important activities, attractions, eateries and landmarks to help you enjoy a fun and comfortable vacation. If this property seems slightly way out and you’d like to avoid taking a taxi each time to reach here, it’s a good ride to rent a quad. It makes for a memorable experience while helping you save the monies. You’ll be treated to some of the most striking private views of the beach from the property. Since the cabins are nestled on top of the cliff, the oceanic views are breathtaking and often the reason patrons through to this no-fuss place. Since the path that leads to the hotel isn’t in the best of condition, a trip downhill post sunset isn’t a very good idea unless well equipped or led by experienced hikers.

As soon as you walk in through the gates of Montezuma Heights, you are taken into the world of a lush private forest. Their cabin is located right at the edge of a cliff, which makes the stay all the more exciting. The entire lodge is made out of recycled materials and is touted to be one of the most eco friendly properties in the area. The rooms are replete with mosaic tiles, elegant window fittings, eco friendly paint and fixtures that lend it a touch of an earthy warmth. A standard room can accommodate up to 2-3 people. One of the best parts of staying here is, as soon as you land at the Montezuma Heights property premises, the affable Peter will take time out to give you a glimpse of the place and explain everything you need to know about the cabin, answer any questions you may have about the place and will even take you for a ride to the town to get you accustomed to the place, its people and culture. This has won him several customers who’ve applauded his effort to connect the traveler with a slice of local life. If you truly want a breather from all this super expensive resorts that dot the Montezuma tourist landscape, Montezuma Heights is indeed a unusual and personal accommodation option that feels more like a home away from home minus the touristy chaos of the more popular accommodation options of Montezuma.

There are plenty of activities and attractions to do and see in and around the hotel. Adventure water sport lovers can go surfing, snorkeling or deep sea diving inside the balmy waters o Monetezuma. Or you can simply enjoy a horseback ride to the famed Montezuma Waterfalls and back. Sport Fishing Tours can be arranged for angling enthusiasts. Dolphin and whale watching boating tours can also be undertaken in the nearby waters. For those looking to savor a slice of Montezuma’s wildlife up close and personal, there are several tour operators that conduct day trips to nature parks in and around Montezuma. All in all, a great no pretense and friendly, personal place to stay that offers a nice location, a string of comfortable amenities and fares that don’t burn a deep hole in the pocket.

Montezuma Heights

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