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Sea kayak beach rental at Tortuga Island

Sea Kayaking is an exhilarating activity that many people have never tried. It’s not really like being on a small boat… it’s a totally different experience in which you really feel connected to the water and ocean itself in a way that’s unlike any other.

There are two basic types of sea kayaking adventures that you can try:

Beach Kayak – These are generally inexpensive sea kayaks that you strap yourself onto in your bathing suit and can play in small waves, falling over repeatedly, climbing in and out, etc. It’s a great water toy and a lot of fun.

Long Range Sea Kayak – This is the type with the water-proof “skirt” that keeps the water from getting inside. You can put food, clothing, and camping supplies in these kayaks and go for overnight journeys. If you fall over, you can (theoretically) pop back up, but that takes quite a bit of training to get right.

Sea kayaking, whichever type you try, is really a great experience that we highly recommend. However, it does have the potential to be dangerous when you’re out in the big waves and on the rocky coasts near Montezuma. Large sets of waves can come in unexpectedly and have the potential to smash you onto the rocks. Unless you’re with a very experienced guide, you shouldn’t go too far. Swift current and ocean winds can also make the return trip difficult. Because you’ll tire out during the first half of your journey, it’s a good idea to plan to go up-wind and/or up-current so you can drift more easily home if need be.

Cabuya is a great, safe place for sea kayaking. Contact Solo Bueno Tours (

Sea Kayaking Options

  • Curú National Wildlife RefugeCurú National Wildlife Refuge
    Curú National Wildlife Refuge, known in Costa Rica as “Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Curú” is the best park in the southern Nicoya peninsula. It offers scuba diving, a beautiful white sand beach, tons of wild animals including two reintroduction programs, cabinas for rent, mangrove swamps, hiking trails, and much more. Unfortunately, most tourists zip ...
  • Solo Bueno TourguidesSolo Bueno Tourguides
    Solo Bueno is a group of tour guides who grew up in Cabuya and thus know the area intimately. They specialize in taking small groups on various local adventures. Adventures offered by Solo Bueno: Cabo Blanco Park Snorkeling – Recommended! Solo Bueno is the only tour operator allowed to operate within the park’s boundaries. Snorkel ...
  • Olingo Surf and Nature ToursOlingo Surf and Nature Tours
    The Olingo team are perhaps the best guides in the area. Professionally certified in Costa Rica, they work with many of the best hotels and retreat centers to provide surf instruction, horseback riding, birdwatching, guided sea kayak tours, etc. Note: This is the “high end” of nature tours, and it’s relatively expensive compared to self-guided ...
  • Bahia Rica’s Three Day Sea Kayaking AdventureBahia Rica's Three Day Sea Kayaking Adventure
    Just around the corner from where the ferry lands in Paquera, you can find Bahia Rica’s lodge. This is a very remote part of Costa Rica and the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, yet it’s easy to get to. From the lodge you can easily walk down to a beach which is nearly private. ...
  • Tortuga Island ToursTortuga Island Tours
    The tour to Tortuga Island from Montezuma or Tambor has become perhaps the most popular of all tours and activities in the area. This tour, which usually is all day from 9am to 4pm, offers a lot in one package. First of all, the boat journey in itself is truly incredible. Looking at the ...
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