Canopy Tour

Canopy tour / zip lines in the southern nicoya peninsulaMost commonly called a “Canopy Tour”, rather than “Zip Lining” this activity is more about zooming along steel cables through the treetops than it is about learning about the rainforest canopy.

There are currently two canopy tours in the Montezuma area. One in Montezuma, which has the advantage of including a trip to the third pool of Montezuma Falls, and the Malpais canopy tour, which is longer and faster.

Both are great in their own way, but the Montezuma one is probably more popular because it includes the waterfall, so many tourists, even on the Santa Teresa / Malpais side of the peninsula, will head to Montezuma to be able to do these two popular activities together.

The canopy tour is a very popular activity here, and in Costa Rica in general, and a large percentage of travelers to the area do it at least once. Groups from Tambor’s large Barcelo resort also typically come to Montezuma for this.

Canopy Tours:

  • Malpais Canopy TourMalpais Canopy Tour
    The “Canopy of the Pacific” known usually as the Malpais Canopy Tour, is one of two that are in this area of Costa Rica. The Malpais canopy tour is higher and faster than the one in Montezuma, offering stunning views of the whole area, as you can see from the photo above. Nearly a mile ...
  • Montezuma’s Canopy Tour – You Too Can Fly Through the TreetopsMontezuma's Canopy Tour - You Too Can Fly Through the Treetops
    The Montezuma Canopy Tour is the most popular in the area, mostly because it includes a trip to the upper-most waterfall of Montezuma Falls. Also known as a zip-line, It’s not far from town, and although it’s quite a hike up, some people walk to the beginning of it from town. See this ...
Great Stuff

Clandestina Restaurant

  My new favorite restaurant, Clandestina is not to be missed by food lovers staying anywhere near to Montezuma. Established in March 2015, Clandestina is the new kid on the block. The Oregon/Tico collaboration is a winner among locals and travelers alike, with artisan craft beers, made onsite by Butterfly Brewing Co. and delicious, exciting […]

Montezuma Social

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