Aerial Silk Classes


Aerial Silk classes are now taught at Anamaya Resort, usually twice per week, by Lia Short.

Classes are for beginners and intermediates, and include basic instruction, warm up, cool down, etc. Call Anamaya (2642-1289) ahead of time to make sure classes are on schedule, since they can at times move around based on the needs of their retreats.

Learning this skill is incredibly fun, but can be difficult at first. The people who do well at it on the first day have very strong hands. Rock climbers, people who do a lot of massage, carpenters, etc will find it much easier because you’ll be able to climb up more easily. Those with weaker hands will need several classes focused mainly on climbing skills, conditioning the grip, before moving on much to the various aerial tricks. It’s worth it though, because it’s one of the most beautiful of all the dance and circus arts. Plus, if you can learn to climb the silk well, you can climb just about anything… chains, ropes, etc. You never know when you might need to scamper up a jungle vine to escape from a jaguar, right?

Anamaya isn’t often open to the public, so this class is also a great excuse to just get up there to check the place out and appreciate the view, which is perhaps the best of any hotel or resort in Costa Rica.

Aerial Silk Classes in Santa Teresa

If you’re on the Santa Teresa side of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, classes are taught there as well, usually at the Funky Monkey Lodge. Adult classes are by appointment only, but kids classes are done regularly:

Tuesdays 3:45PM : Kids Ages 10+
Fridays 3:00PM: Kids Ages 5-10

Contact Funky Monkey:

Phone: +506 2640-0272

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