Studio Los Almendros

Estudio Los Almendros - Ninoska GomezEstudio Los Almendros is a beach bungalow rental place with a dance studio and learning center, on the beach south of Montezuma.

Owner Ninoska Gomez, originally from Venezuela, built it many years ago, and has used the studio to attract many amazing dancers and dance teachers, especially through her “Artist in Residence” program.

Ninoska has a very strong educational background, with a PhD in Psychology and is an RSME, “Registered Somatic Movement Educator” in ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association)


The property has seven small houses and bungalows, at various prices and sizes, but all are very affordable. They range from $35-$120 per night and $450-$1200 per month. They are all very close to the beach… just across the street, and it’s one of the best beaches in the area, with a great surf spot (Los Cedros point break).

Dance Services Offered:

The studio specializes in “somatic eduation” which “helps us sense and refine internal sensations–their intensity and quality in relation to our intentions, movements and the demands of the physical and social environment.” Ninoska’s classes typically make use of bamboo sticks and balls. (See link to the video below to see how sample classes.)

Somatic movement dance class with Ninoska on Playa los CedrosSomarhythms Workshops will be organized for groups with a minimum of 6 participants, upon request. $20/hour

Latinamerica Dance Classes $15

Children’s Classes $10

Private Classes and consultations with Ninoska are $45/hour

Artist in Residence Program:

Studio los Almendros is offered for 1-3 months for artists and dancers who are on sabbatical, working on creative projects, etc. Participants typically come not just to study and reflect, but to enjoy the tropical beach/jungle environment, and interface with the Montezuma and Cabuya communities.


Location: Estudio los Almendros is on the right side of the road, just behind beautiful Playa los Cedros, halfway between Cabuya and Montezuma.

Tel/Fax +506 2642-0378
Facebook Page

Youtube Video for Studio Los Almendros

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