Playa Los Cedros

One of the most beautiful beaches in the area, Playa los Cedros is located south of the town of Montezuma, about halfway to Cabuya.

Playa los CedrosNot only is it one of the best beaches to just hang out at, but it’s a great surf spot. A left-hand point break, “Cedros” is a beautiful wave, but only works at high tide. It’s a bit rocky, so either check it out at low tide to understand where they are, or watch the other surfers.

Places Nearby

Studio Los Almendros – dance studio and cabinas on the other side of the road from this beach.
Playa Las Rocas – Just to the north is this amazing beach area.
Playa Reyes – Walk to the south to find this beach and another surf spot.

Los Cedros Video

Further info about Playa los Cedros

Great Stuff

Clandestina Restaurant

  My new favorite restaurant, Clandestina is not to be missed by food lovers staying anywhere near to Montezuma. Established in March 2015, Clandestina is the new kid on the block. The Oregon/Tico collaboration is a winner among locals and travelers alike, with artisan craft beers, made onsite by Butterfly Brewing Co. and delicious, exciting […]

Montezuma Social

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