Rental Cars

Montezuma Car Rental - Terios - from $60-$75/day depending on season

Email me to book a rental car: Rent a car in Montezuma and I’ll connect you right to the people who do the bookings all over Costa Rica. I recommend the TERIOS shown at right. This is a great car for here if.

Which Agency?

There’s one agency that has offices at the airport, and two locally (Budget), so if you have a problem with the car, you can get it taken care of right away or the car swapped out. Other agencies that don’t have an office here can be a nightmare if/when your car has a problem, because you’ll have no way to take care of it. This could really be a huge hassle in your trip so don’t even consider an agency that doesn’t have offices in the area! Contact me with what you want and the dates, and I’ll put you in direct email contact immediately with exactly the right person to talk to at the agency. These guys are super-professional and speak English too. If you’re flying in to Tambor airport, they will meet you at the airport and take you to your car.

How much does it cost?

We’ve found over the years that you will pay, for the lowest price 4WD car, around $60-$75/day, depending on the season. You may see cheaper prices on the internet, and book it, but when you arrive, you’ll find there are extra charges that bring it up to the same price. It seems like a lot but I don’t know how they make any money at that rate when you see how the tourists drive them on these pot-hole filled gravel roads.

Montezuma Car Rental - This is a photo of my friend Alex, who put his rental car into a ditch because he was driving too fast.  Both he and the car were undamaged.  These roads can be slippery even when they're dry.

Is it safe to drive there?

Yes, there are no banditos or rogue cops on the prowl for tourists like in Mexico. You can drive around and explore the area’s many gravel backroads. Costa Ricans are famous for happily pulling your car out of a ditch using a tractor or team of oxen, then refusing a payment. Generally, people drive slowly here, and aren’t in much of a hurry, but there can be drunks on the road too, so drive carefully and use common sense.

Do I NEED a car?

If you’re renting a house in the hills, you’ll almost definitely need a rental car, but if you’re in town you might not need one unless you’d like to explore. There are so many great places – hikes to waterfalls, secret beaches, other nearby towns with fabulous restaurants, etc, that you’ll get much more out of your trip if you have a rental car, or perhaps get one for just a portion of your trip.

Do I need 4WD?

You need 4WD in the rainy season (May through Dec) but in dry season the roads are usually maintained well enough that you can get around with 2WD. You will find that you can’t go everwhere, and it’s slow, but it saves some money to go 2WD. I recommend getting the cheapest 4WD car, which is usually a Terios. There Terios is a GREAT car for these roads… it can go everywhere.

To book your car, you can try Budget or Alamo, that have offices nearby (Santa Teresa and Tambor).

Great Stuff

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