Cabuya beach area as seen from the island

Cabuya is about as close to the “end of the earth” as it gets in Costa Rica, and is one of the most remote towns. The tourism infrastructure is much less developed, with far fewer hotels, and the people who live there or visit like it this way.

It’s actually quite an amazing place, with two really amazing surf spots, several large waterfalls that are practically unknown to all but a handful of people, the mysterious Cabuya Island, the official entrance to Cabo Blanco Park, and perhaps the largest tree in Costa Rica.

The terrain is very flat in town, unlike Montezuma or Santa Teresa, so it has a lot of pasture within the village itself, creating very rural feeling.

Known to not have the beautiful beaches of Santa Teresa and Montezuma, Cabuya actually has a gorgeous white sand beach in front of the Hotel Cabo Blanco. This beach is protected by a rocky reef, so it’s ideal for families with kids. Unlike most of Montezuma and Santa Teresa, this beach is always safe, with no rip tides or scary waves. It’s a great day trip from any part of the area to come for a few hours to have a drink at the hotel, see the huge Higueron tree nearby, and explore the beach.

For many people, Cabuya is the closest thing to paradise they’ve been able to find in Costa Rica.

For more information, click here: Cabuya, Costa Rica

Cabuya Articles:

  • Cabo Blanco National Reserve and ParkCabo Blanco National Reserve and Park
    Cabo Blanco is a popular tourist destination for tourists who visit Montezuma and Santa Teresa. They are naturally drawn to the largest national park in the area. On the Cabo Blanco map below you can see two ranger stations. Currently, you can only access the park from the Cabuya/Montezuma side. The Mal Pais ...
  • Solo Bueno TourguidesSolo Bueno Tourguides
    Solo Bueno is a group of tour guides who grew up in Cabuya and thus know the area intimately. They specialize in taking small groups on various local adventures. Adventures offered by Solo Bueno: Cabo Blanco Park Snorkeling – Recommended! Solo Bueno is the only tour operator allowed to operate within the park’s boundaries. Snorkel ...
  • Rio Lajas Rivermouth – Los ReyesRio Lajas Rivermouth - Los Reyes
      The Rio Lajas Rivermouth is yet another super amazing epic beach spot to hang out at. It has a clean river with many pools to swim in, a ton of interesting water birds for birdwatching enthusiasts, a surf spot, and a long beach with almost no one on it. How to find it It’s easy to ...
  • Cabuya IslandCabuya Island
    Cabuya Island is one of those magical spots that most people see, but few people actually take the time to walk out to. It’s a place of fear, legend, rumor, and excitement, supposedly haunted by ghosts at night, due to the fact that it’s been a cemetery for as long as anyone can remember. ...
  • Playa CabuyaPlaya Cabuya
    In Cabuya is one of the best beaches on the Peninsula, despite the fact that many people who visit or live in the area think that Cabuya’s beaches aren’t all that great. While it’s true that much of Cabuya is dark sand, rocks, or even seems muddy, as you can see, this beach is ...
  • Montezuma and Cabuya Dive SitesMontezuma and Cabuya Dive Sites
    A larger coastal map showing the dives sites and more is here: Large Coast Map Montezuma Dive Sites Cocalito: Not far from Montezuma, near to the the famous El Chorro waterfall, this area offers three different sites with depths between 8 and 16 meters. Here you will swim through clouds of tropical fish and are ...
  • El Higueron de Cabuya (Giant Banyan Tree)El Higueron de Cabuya (Giant Banyan Tree)
      There’s a giant banyan tree, known as an Higueron (fig) in Spanish, on the main road from Montezuma to Cabuya. It’s on the west (right) side of the road as you’re heading towards Cabuya… impossible to miss because of it’s immense size. Most tourists to the area discover it by accident while exploring ...
  • Howler Monkey HotelHowler Monkey Hotel
    Located in the heart of picturesque Cabuya, just south of Montezuma on the Nicoyan Peninsula in Costa Rica, is the Howler Monkey Hotel. With all the cabins in the hotel having direct access to the beach, this is a very romantic getaway. Cabuya is more sleepy than its neighbor, Montezuma. In Montezuma there are bars, restaurants ...
  • Hotel CelajeHotel Celaje
    The Hotel Celaje, in Cabuya, on the beautiful Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, offers a selection of seven spacious and secluded bungalows. Each bungalow can sleep up to four people (on the second floor) with all the other facilities you need on the ground floor. The hotel has its own restaurant and bar, serving a ...
  • Ancla de OroAncla de Oro
    Ancla de Oro, “the Golden Anchor” in English, is a beautiful jungle resort that brings you the best of both worlds: an exciting jungle-themed holiday, complete with monkeys, parrots, agoutis and iguanas, as well as a relaxing beach-side stay. Ancla de Oro has four ‘Jungalows’, like raised tree houses and three hotel rooms. It is a ...
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