Playa Cabuya

The white sand beach of Cabuya

In Cabuya is one of the best beaches on the Peninsula, despite the fact that many people who visit or live in the area think that Cabuya’s beaches aren’t all that great. While it’s true that much of Cabuya is dark sand, rocks, or even seems muddy, as you can see, this beach is gorgeous.

Kid-friendly beach in CabuyaIn front of Hotel Cabo Blanco is the white sand beach shown in the photo above.

Many (or most) of the beaches in Montezuma and Santa Teresa can have dangerous rip tides or big waves from time to time. So, families often wonder where the safe beaches are. This particular beach is very well protected by a rocky reef in front, so it never gets any big surf or rip currents.

We recommend making a day trip out of it. Head to Cabuya and get a photos with the giant Higueron tree there, and then park in front of Hotel Cabo Blanco. You can walk through and get a drink or some food, and hang out at the beach in front. If you feel inspired and it’s near to low tide, you can even walk farther south and then out to Cabuya Island itself.

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