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Scuba Diving has become a popular sport to do in the tropics, and because there are so many travelers visiting Costa Rica‘s beaches, and we do have one of the top ten most amazing places for Scuba in the world, the famous Isla de Coco. Also known as Cocos Island, it’s hundreds of miles off the coast and takes a couple of days by boat to get there, so not many people except die-hard scuba divers make it there.

In the Montezuma area, there’s a great scuba diving outfitter, who will take you for a day course to try it, or do an entire scuba certification course.

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  • Scuba Diving in MontezumaScuba Diving in Montezuma
    Montezuma is a relatively remote area, with a tremendous amount of sealife in its waters, so needless to say that Scuba Diving is a popular activity here. Anyone who has gone fishing or snorkeling here can attest to the great abundance of life in the water. However, we do not have the crystal-clear waters that ...
  • Tortuga Dive ClubTortuga Dive Club
    The Tortuga Dive Club is the scuba diving arm of the Montezuma Crew group, which offers sport-fishing, island and beach tours by boat, private charter, etc using their boat, El Casador de Suenos (Dream Hunter). Michele and David, from Italy and Argentina respectively, are two great guys with many years experience leading and teaching scuba diving ...
  • Tortuga Island Dive SitesTortuga Island Dive Sites
    A larger coastal map showing the dives sites and more is here: Large Coast Map Tortuga Island Dive Sites Aquarium (El Aquario): The site gets its’ name from the huge quantity and variety of tropical fish which surround the divers during their immersion. The area is comprised of canyons and large ‘elephant ear’ corals. ...
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    A larger coastal map showing the dives sites and more is here: Large Coast Map Bahia Ballena (Whale Bay) is one of the most beautiful spots in Costa Rica, and the north edge has many good dive sites. The water is usually calm here, and always warm. The terrain is very convoluted, with many caves, ...
  • Montezuma and Cabuya Dive SitesMontezuma and Cabuya Dive Sites
    A larger coastal map showing the dives sites and more is here: Large Coast Map Montezuma Dive Sites Cocalito: Not far from Montezuma, near to the the famous El Chorro waterfall, this area offers three different sites with depths between 8 and 16 meters. Here you will swim through clouds of tropical fish and are ...
  • Scuba Diving Certification CourseScuba Diving Certification Course
    Thinking about getting your scuba diving certification? If you’re 14 or older, you can get certified here in Montezuma through the Tortuga Dive Club. Montezuma is an excellent spot to do this because the water is warm and comfortable, and the teachers and program here are great. CMAS Certification The course will be a ...
  • Montezuma CrewMontezuma Crew
    The Montezuma Crew is run by a small group of Italians and Argentinians who live in the Montezuma area and who have a profound love of the ocean and everything in it. Their passion comes through in everything they do and rubs off on their clients who go with them for various seafaring activities ...
  • Curú National Wildlife RefugeCurú National Wildlife Refuge
    Curú National Wildlife Refuge, known in Costa Rica as “Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Curú” is the best park in the southern Nicoya peninsula. It offers scuba diving, a beautiful white sand beach, tons of wild animals including two reintroduction programs, cabinas for rent, mangrove swamps, hiking trails, and much more. Unfortunately, most tourists zip ...
  • La Escuela Del SolLa Escuela Del Sol
    La Escuela Del Sol is an action packed one stop adventure shop for those wanting to learn the Spanish language, surfing, fire dancing, get their scuba diving certification or do yoga in a tropical paradise. At this multifaceted academy in Montezuma visitors can take multiple classes of almost any of the courses from 1-4 weeks offered by them. They ...

For most scuba, the boats start in Tambor, but the diver masters will pick you up at your hotel or rental villa, and take you out there, where lunch will be provided, as well as 2-3 tanks of air, depending on what you want.

The water here isn’t super clear like it can be on the Caribbean side, or far out to sea at a place like Cocos island, because of the runoff from the many rivers. But there’s a ton of life down there.

Of course there are dozens of types of fish, including huge schools of silvery ones that will swim around you, which is to me one of the most spectacular experiences you can have diving. If you’ve ever been inside a huge school of sardines or anchovies, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

We have the most amazing color-changing octopus, that grows quite large here. I saw one nearly a meter across while snorkeling at Playa Las Manchas. There are sea horses here also, although extremely rare. One of the area’s divemasters, Michele, has only seen them twice in several years, although the last time was very recently in 2012. I have another friend who saw two washed up dead on the beach in Cabuya during a red tide.

Sea turtles are often spotted here, and there are several varieties. You could even see the world’s largest sea turtle, the Leatherback, because they are known to nest nearby at the beaches near Manzanillo.

Whale sharks can also be seen near Montezuma and Tambor, supposedly in August especially. Other types of sharks are not common, but have been seen on occasion. Don’t worry, they haven’t been known to bite around here, since there’s no prey animal that looks like a human, such as sea lions.

Whales and dolphins are fairly common in several varieties, although aren’t usually seen while scuba diving. But with some luck you’ll see them during the boat ride out to the dive spots.

Montezuma doesn’t have a proper dive shop, so you’ll need to bring all your own gear.

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