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La Escuela

La Escuela Del Sol is an action packed one stop adventure shop for those wanting to learn the Spanish language, surfing, fire dancing, get their scuba diving certification or do yoga in a tropical paradise. At this multifaceted academy in Montezuma visitors can take multiple classes of almost any of the courses from 1-4 weeks offered by them. They also offer College for their Spanish curriculum.

Montezuma is one of the top adventure hot-spots of Costa Rica. Guests can explore and enjoy the adjoining areas with exciting local excursions.Visitors can sign up for a three or four week program. They also encourage you to take the third Friday off for an extended travel through the region. Visitors wanting more information can check out the company’s local excursions website section to learn about the canopy tour, Quad (ATV) rentals and tours, horseback riding on the beach or jungle, etc.

La Escuela Del Sol is located across the street from the ocean and near a strikingly beautiful beach. The front of La Escuela’s hotel graces Montezuma’s central park and is a 5 minute walk from the Montezuma river, which takes visitors to three picturesque waterfalls. Being in the throes if nature and the park area, visitors will often spot monkeys swinging from the trees and other close encounters with Costa Rica’s famed wildlife.

Yoga Classes

Their yoga classes are exclusive for La Escuela Del Sol students to ascertain that the participants get nothing but the best they can. Over the period in which travelers are Montezuma, La Escuela attempts to help them flow in the rhythm of the class. Visitors get to recognize their instructors’ moves before they copy them and the instructors are trained to know identify the participant’s strengths and your weaknesses so that together, they can take their practice to a level higher than where they began.

Their Hatha Vinyasa classes have a touch of the Anusara yoga style as well. The classes are held in an open air, enclosed studio with a comfortable and elegant almond wood floor. Classes are within earshot of the sweet sounds of singing birds, howling monkeys and crashing waves. They are open for all levels of learners, teach in English, and space is limited to 20 people in order to keep the sessions personal and effective. They offer mats and props for use for all levels of learners. Wherever they participants are in their current practice, the resident instructors will guide them mentally and physically to reach a level of inner peace and harmony.

Yoga Teacher Training

In addition to learning to teach yoga, the yoga school will also help aspiring yoga instructors discover resourceful and sensitive ways to sharing their knowledge. After a month of intense and complete immersion in yoga practice and study, every member of the group will experience a more profound and powerful sense of connection with yoga. Yoga here is not just about movement and postures but a philosophy, breath work, mantra, and energy locks. Graduates of the program will be able to conduct Vinyasa Yoga classes which are safe and inspiring. Completing this workshop will certify the participant as a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) with the Yoga Alliance.

Spanish Classes

The Costa Rica Spanish immersion school in Montezuma gives participants the chance to practice with locals and improve upon their learning in an enjoyable and nurturing atmosphere. All their teachers are native Spanish speakers who teach a university level curriculum to guarantee participants a top class educational experience.

Fire Dancing

La Escuela Del Sol restricts fire spinning classes to a maximum of 5 students per instructor. Lessons are individual and begin with the participant’s ability when they arrive so that they can grow at their own rate. The fire dancing school trains all participants personally until they learn the art. They will then build on the skills to the next logical level, until participants master that as well. Add to that their teaching philosophy to 90 minute poi lessons each and every day and you have the recipe of participants who perform brilliantly. Some of the skills one can expect to learn from their poi lessons are weaves, butterfly, buzz saw, thread the needle, stalls, behind the back weaves and turns, wraps, fountains, the gremlin, mind meltdowns, straight jacket weave and butterfly, flowers and several other variations.

For complete beginners, a week here is enough to get a hang of the basics. The technique involves a starting point that later goes on to build upon videos, research and practice when practitioners get back home. For those who want to be experts and find the perfect flow, feel it and be able to combine dance and movement, it’ll take at least two weeks according to the institute.

Scuba Certification

The Central Pacific Ocean region is the hotbed of a large variety of reefs, a majority of which are made of volcanic and coral formation with depths ranging between 8 and 35 meters (25 – 115 feet). There are innumerable dive sites all along the coast, including in and around Tortuga Island, celebrated for its brilliant visibility and large variety of coral and tropical fish. Every day, La Escuela Del Sol’s diving school makes a meticulous selection of their dive sites based on changes in currents and visibility among other factors. Their 32 foot boat is fully equipped with dive and safety equipment, indoor cabin, bathroom, kitchen and sundeck.

Each day in the waters is a different experience and divers will see something new. Visitors will see Spotted Eagles and Manta Rays, Zebras, Jewels and Fine-spotted Moray Eels, Blue-spotteds and Golden Jacks, Trumpet Fish, Rainbow Runner, Blue-and-Gold Snapper, Spotted and Rainbow Scorpion fish, Bloody Frogfish, Mexican Goatfish and Mexican Hogger. In addition to this, there are Bicolor Parrotfish, Angelfish, Pacific Boxfish, Spotted Sharpnose and Spotted Green Puffer, Freckled and Spotted Porcupine fish, as well as White Tip Sharks, Dolphin, Starfish and several other surprises.


Accommodations are included in the activity’s listed price. Guests can take a private room, share accommodations with a friend or family or request for a roommate. All rooms include A/C and hot water and most rooms include a safe. There is a lounge/yoga studio on the top floor with hammocks, couches, tables and chairs and a large wooden deck. Complimentary Wi-Fi connection is available throughout the hotel. For participants who are travelling alone, you will normally be set up with a roommate or if circumstances require, a maximum of 2 roommates. For couples and friends, they will place you in your own room with an attached private bath and as many beds as you need. Couples and groups of friends who come together and those who request private rooms can also be upgraded to one of several superior rooms that the hotel offers. All superior rooms are on the upper floors of the property. They are more spacious and have wooden floors and include refrigerators.

La Escuela Del Sol has a full kitchen made available to guests including everything necessary to help them whip up their own meals.

Local Excursions

Montezuma Waterfall Hike – Since La Escuela Del Sol is located at the foot of the spectacular Montezuma River that leads to the popular tourist spot of Montezuma Falls, participants can make the most of this opportunity. They will take every student on an easy hike to the popular local spot for a quick round of water dips and fun. Visitors can swim or just sit and admire the striking looking foot falls. Adventure smitten folks can continue through some difficult terrain to the second and third falls where you can take the rope swing out for a twirl and enjoy some adrenaline soaring cliff diving.

Horseback Riding on Beach To El Chorro Waterfalls – This exciting tour begins in downtown Montezuma. Guides will take riders along the beach and through the Nicolas Wessberg Nature Reserve. Visitors will ride past past rivers, waterfalls and naturally formed swimming pools on the beach before reaching the El Chorro Falls. You will then disembark and take some time to swim in a refreshing river, frolicking on the beach and checking out the falls in seclusion with a stray howler monkey for company here and there. The entire tour lasts for four hours and includes water and a snack. No prior riding experience is mandatory.

Isla Tortuga Snorkeling Tour – The uninhabited island off the coast of the Nicoya Peninsula promises endless beauty and absolute adventure. Visitors can give themselves an alluring bronze tan by the sea or enjoy the views from the deck of a speedboat on the way through the islands. Once visitors reach Tortuga, they’ll disembark, get their snorkeling equipment and head in the direction of the volcanic reef to explore the clear cerulean waters of Costa Rica with some tropical fish. Later during the tour, visitors can frolic in the ocean or explore the island while the guides whip up delectable means of fresh fish and other local cuisine.

Frente al parque infantil
Centro de Montezuma
Montezuma, Costa Rica, Centro America
+506 8884 8444

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