Rock Climbing Costa Rica

Six bolted routes up the side of Montezuma Falls


Rock Climbing: The Ultimate Workout for Body, Mind, and Soul

NOTE: This business seems to be closed until further notice.

“Once you’ve tried it, you’re hooked. The intrinsic rewards that come from combining concentration, agility, balance, strength and judgment are unequalled in any other sport. Nothing heightens the senses more than the combination of delight and relief that comes from reaching the top of a demanding route. Whatever standard you climb at, from novice to expert, these feelings remain the same. The key lies in seeking out new and exciting challenges.”

…….Plas-y-Brenin, National Mountain Centre

After nine months of sweat and toil scouting climbing locations and constructing vertical routes, Rock Climbing Costa Rica celebrates its grand opening this June 2013, offering climbing tours on the southern Nicoya Peninsula to adventure seekers interested in experiencing the ultimate adrenaline rush.

RCCR founder Jordan Rice, originally from California, made the commitment to bring rock climbing to the Nicoya Peninsula after he arrived in Costa Rica almost one year ago with his bags jam packed with climbing gear, only to discover there were no climbing tours offered in the area. “I was taken aback by the beauty of the Nicoya Peninsula – a true nature lover’s paradise. The dramatic coastline combined with the lush jungle setting is breathtaking. But, there was no rock climbing here which is my greatest passion in life, so I decided to change that.”

Rock climbing in MalpaisRice spent several weeks scouting mountainous locations in search of the best crag – a strong rock face suitable for climbing. “There were lots of cliffs that looked great, but when you got up close, the rock was too weak and the face just crumbled away so it was not safe for climbing or setting bolts,” said Rice. “That was the case at an incredible location near Tambor, right on the beach, but the rock was too vulnerable.”

Professionally trained at NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) with an emphasis on technical outdoor skills and group safety in vertical environments, Rice was well equipped to tackle the challenges of building the climbing routes, as long as he could find crags that possessed all the right qualities for a secure, safe climb.

Rice then contacted professor Jeff Marshall – head of the Geological Science Department at Cal Poly University in California. “Jeff has been researching rock formations in Costa Rica for years; he did his thesis on the Neotectonics of the Nicoya Peninsula back in 1991. Jeff’s a real expert and he provided important information and resources for us,” Rice explained. “Even though it took nine months to get off the ground, it was time well invested in research and study to insure we found the best and safest rock walls for climbing.”

Currently Rock Climbing Costa Rica offers morning climbing tours in Montezuma (at Montezuma Falls) and an afternoon tour in Mal Pais, Santa Teresa areas. “The morning sun hits the wall in Montezuma, and the sun sets on our crag in Mal Pais. It’s incredibly beautiful and a perfect set up for shooting dramatic photographs too,” added Rice.

Private (1-2 persons) and semi-private (3-4 persons) tours run between 3-4 hours each, and are customized to accommodate all levels of climbers. Instructional training covers rope systems, rappelling and belaying, anchors, and risk management. All equipment is included: harnesses, ropes, safety gear, shoes and helmets. Refreshments are also provided. A professional photographer is available by request to shoot images of the ascent and descent. Prices begin at 35,000 colones/ $70 for a half-day, all-inclusive climbing excursion.

“You’ll get the personal instruction and attention needed to develop your climbing skills as well as experience the thrills that this incredible sport delivers to your inner psyche. It’s a full body rush for sure, the greatest experience ever. ” Rice added.


Rock Climbing Costa Rica, LLC is a Costa Rican corporation, and complies with all safety regulations and standards established by the UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation). All equipment used is of the highest industry standard.

For additional information about Rock Climbing Costa Rica, or to book a climbing tour contact:

NOTE: This business seems to be closed until further notice.

Telephone: (+506) 7009-6567 / 8497-3385

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