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ATV/Quad Rentals and Tours in Montezuma - photo by Adam Tenenbaum

If you’ve visited the area before, you’ve probably had your eyes and ears assaulted by groups of incredibly loud 4-wheeled motorcycles known in Costa Rica as “quads”. They arrive, like a band of mud-covered demons, accompanied by the sound of thunder and lightning, flattening lizards and all other small animals in their path, and causing children to cry in fright and monkeys to throw poo.

Often, nothing can be seen through the dirt except for the white gleam of their smiles. Like riding jet skis and wave-runners, riding an ATV is one of those activities that’s really fun to do, but really offensive to everyone else.

But, since you can’t beat them, why not join them and live out your “Easy Rider” fantasies, Montezuma style?

Luckily for the peace and tranquility of the area, ATV rentals are surprisingly expensive, generally around $70 per day. You can rent a car for that! A half day is around $40. Still, at these prices there are plenty of people who will do it because it’s so much more fun to ride around on an ATV than inside a car. Montezuma is very safe, so you will be able to freely explore the entire peninsula, including the back-roads that are impassable by car for part of the year.

Warning, ATVs are very dangerous for inexperienced riders, and tourist are maimed or killed in the Montezuma/Santa Teresa area more frequently than anyone would want to admit. Please drive VERY carefully. You’ll be able to appreciate the view more if you’re taking it slow.

Great Stuff

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Montezuma Social

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