Safe Beaches for Kids

playa manzanillo

You may have heard about the unpredictable nature of the waves and beaches here, and if you have kids and aren’t super experienced with the sea, you may wonder where are the guaranteed safe places that don’t have big waves, rip tides, and crocodiles.

There are several beaches with rock reefs protecting them so that even when the biggest rogue wave sets come in, you don’t have to worry about anyone being dragged into the sea.


There are no guaranteed safe beaches! However, there are great pools where rivers hit the ocean in three places:

Just outside of Montezuma to the south. Walk 5-10 minutes from hotel Amor de Mar and there’s usually a few little kids playing here. Many of the local kids learn to swim here. Sorry, don’t have a photo or page on this one.

Las Rocas – when there are big waves, climbing around on the beautiful rocks is very dangerous. However, there’s a river swimming hole with a small rope-swing that’s super fun.

Piedra Colorada – to the north of Montezuma and Ylang Ylang hotel is a freshwater pool and small waterfall at a cover that’s great to play in.


Playa Cabuya – In front of the Hotel Cabo Blanco and Hotel Celaje is a beautiful white sand beach that’s protected by a rock reef. Many people think that Cabuya doesn’t have any beautiful white sand beaches, but they’re wrong. This is a great spot.

Santa Teresa

None… big waves everywhere here, but head south to malpais…


Playa Los Suecos – A rock reef protects this gorgeous little white sand cove from the big waves, and there are no rip tides either. At high tide it can be a bit rough, but it’s calm at medium and low tides.

Bahia Barigona – At high tide there’s a small calm bay that’s super fun for kids. But watch out for huge waves smashing on the rocks on both sides of the mouth of this bay.


Playa Manzanillo – The entire Manzanillo beach is protected by rocks so you won’t find big waves here. It’s a fun spot, and a great beach for making sand castles.

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