Happy Tails Dog and Cat Rescue Project

Happy Tails Dog and Cat Rescue CenterHappy Tails Montezuma is made up of a small group of volunteers. Our core group includes Julie Kliska, Penny Goodwill, Shawnnah Farkas, Tania Munguia, Ammi Modin, and Bee Barth. We rescue street dogs and cats whenever possible. We bring them to the vet (we work with both Deanne and Eduardo) for treatment and try to find them foster homes and forever homes.

We do not have a shelter, so we rely on members of the community and tourists to foster or adopt these sweet animals. Often times, we have to feed and medically treat the animals on the street until we’re able to find them homes. We organized a spay/neuter clinic in September using ANPA and had 131 animals fixed over the course of three days, for little to no cost to the owners.

Our biggest challenge is finding homes for these animals, since most of the people who live here already have so many pets. Our other challenge is raising funds to pay for the high costs of vet bills, surgeries, medicines, supplements, food, supplies, etc. Often times, the money comes out of our own pockets.

We also have a goal of educating the local people, especially children, on how to care for their animals. We are currently working on an educational book to distribute to schools, are in process of acquiring non-profit status in the U.S. and Costa Rica, and are creating a website.

We have a Facebook page called HappyTailsMontezuma, where we share the work we’re doing with the community.

We have an online fundraising campaign: www.youcaring.com/happytails

Our local bank account for donations:

    Annmary Modin
    BN 200-02-090-002813-5
    to tranfers:

Our contact phone number is 2642-1298 or we can be reached on our Facebook page.

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