Tambor Dive Sites

Map of Tambor area (Bahia Ballena) Scuba Diving Sites

Map of Tambor area Scuba Diving Sites (in Bahia Ballena). Map Copyright 2012 by Geoff McCabe

A larger coastal map showing the dives sites and more is here: Large Coast Map

Bahia Ballena (Whale Bay) is one of the most beautiful spots in Costa Rica, and the north edge has many good dive sites. The water is usually calm here, and always warm.

The terrain is very convoluted, with many caves, canyons, and drops, making it a great spot for diving because there are many fish. The prettiest beach in the Tambor area, playa los muertos, is nearby, so if you’d like to come here for diving but have someone with you who would just like to relax on a nice beach, then they can be dropped off here while you explore underwater.

Tambor Dive Sites

Pilot Whales in Costa Rica

A pod of Pilot Whales

La Chancha / Chanchito:

Located in the entrance to Bahia Ballena, these two sites are known for their incredible Gorgonias, Scorpion Fish and Eagle Rays found at depths between 8 and 24 meters.

Los Muertos

– Large quantities of smaller fish. Porcupine fish, snappers, mantas, octopus, turtles, and more. This area is fun to snorkel as well, since many of the rock formations reach the surface.

Video of Sleeping Sharks at Los Muertos Dive Site:

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