Scuba Diving in Montezuma

Scuba diving in the Montezuma Area, also know as "Buceo" in Spanish

Montezuma is a relatively remote area, with a tremendous amount of sealife in its waters, so needless to say that Scuba Diving is a popular activity here. Anyone who has gone fishing or snorkeling here can attest to the great abundance of life in the water.

However, we do not have the crystal-clear waters that exist on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, or on remote islands such as Isla de Coco, which is hundreds of miles from the mainland. There are many great assets this area has regarding scuba:

     –Warm water year round.
     –A very talented dive school in Montezuma, with an excellent and affordable certification program.
     –Large schools of fish, whales, dolphins, whale sharks, octopus, sea turtles, and even rarely you may spot a sea horse.
     –Several shipwrecks.

In addition to the scuba diving itself, the journey to get to the dive spot is half the fun, and intensely beautiful. Most of the coast from Montezuma up to Tortuga Island has very little development, and there are several national parks or protected areas, such as Curu and Romelia.


The Southern Nicoya Peninsula is famous for being the only place in all of Central America with three wreck dives. However, in fact there are known to be three more wrecks here, making a total of six, but two are in the protected waters of Cabo Blanco national park (including by far the largest, the Grand Ranger), and the oldest (150+ years old). The fourth wreck is just a smokestack, in a spot that’s difficult to navigate by boat because of rocks and large waves, and it’s small. It’s a great snorkeling spot if you can get there on a tranquilo day.

Scuba Diving Sites

Thanks to the help of Michele, the head of Montezuma Crew and the Tortuga Dive Club, we’re happy to present the first ever maps and descriptions of the area’s scuba diving sites published on the internet.

Part 2: Tortuga Island Dive Sites   
Part 3: Tambor Dive Sites   
Part 4: Montezuma & Cabuya Dive Sites   


Great Stuff

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Montezuma Social

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