Tortuga Dive Club

Montezuma's Tortuga Dive Club

The Tortuga Dive Club is the scuba diving arm of the Montezuma Crew group, which offers sport-fishing, island and beach tours by boat, private charter, etc using their boat, El Casador de Suenos (Dream Hunter).

Michele and David, from Italy and Argentina respectively, are two great guys with many years experience leading and teaching scuba diving expeditions in the area.

Discover Scuba Course

This one day scuba class will have you one-on-one with an instructor, scuba diving at lower depths either at Playa Las Manchas beach, or from their boat. It doesn’t get you certified at scuba, but it’s a great way to try it out to see if you like it enough to go for the full course. It’s also super fun.

This course includes two tanks and two dives. The first will be in the pool and the second in the ocean.

Price: $150

Two Tank Dive “Local”

You will be picked up at your Montezuma hotel or rental villa and taken to the boat in Tambor. The dives will be in the Tambor area, as shown here: Tambor Scuba Sites. All equipment, as well as some snacks, drinks and fruit will be included.

Total time: Approximately 4 hours.

Price: $120

Two Tank Dive at Tortuga Island:

Tortuga Dive Club Logo

After being picked up from your accommodations, you’ll be transported to the boat and will be headed across Bahia Ballena northwards towards Tortuga Island. If you like, you’ll be able to do a bit of fishing along the way. There’s also a pretty good chance of see whales, especially between August and January. If you like, they will also stop at one of the pretty white sand beaches that are remote and nearly inaccessible except from the sea.

The diving at the Tortuga Islands is great, and if you have snorkelers in your group, they can come along as well. If you’re into seeing sleeping sharks, one of the dives, El Cueva (The Cave) often has some white tips in it. There’s also a drift dive and several others, including a wreck dive! For more information about the dives at Tortuga, click here: Turtuga Island Scuba Diving Sites

Price: $160 If a friend would like to come along just to snorkel and see Tortuga Island, it’s an extra $50.

Scuba Certification Course

The Tortuga Dive Club offers an internationally accredited scuba diving certification course here, which consists of classes in dive theory, plus five classes in the pool and five in the ocean. The class is highly recommended and more information can be found here: Scuba Course

Time: This course will take a minimum of 5 days to complete. The time within the day is flexible and the instructors will try to work around your schedule to accommodate you.
Price: $450

Scuba Diving Video:

Tortuga Dive Club:

Location: Montezuma
Phone #: 506 8823-0831
Email: Michele’s Email
Facebook: Tortuga Dive Club Fan Page

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