Curú National Wildlife Refuge

Curú National Wildlife Refuge, known in Costa Rica as “Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Curú” is the best park in the southern Nicoya peninsula. It offers scuba diving, a beautiful white sand beach, tons of wild animals including two reintroduction programs, cabinas for rent, mangrove swamps, hiking trails, and much more.

Scary but fun - rickety bridgeUnfortunately, most tourists zip right past it on the way from the Puntarens/Paquera ferry to Montezuma, Santa Teresa, or Tambor, never knowing what they’ve missed.

The park has a rich history. It was originally purchased in 1933 (for 12,000 colones!) by the Schutt family, who began converting it into a multi-use sustainable development that included selective harvesting of lumber, agriculture such as rice, beans, plantains, and corn, an teak plantations. Cattle farming was included as well, and is still part of the farm.

Currently it has three parts, out of 1496 hectares:

     84 Ha: The beachfront “Curú National Wildlife Refuge”
     1100 Ha: Protected Forest/Jungle
     312 Ha: Sustainable Farm with Cattle and Agriculture

Hiking at Curú

: There are several trails, ranging from easy to difficult, and the longest can take several grueling hours to complete.

Great Stuff

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