Bahia Rica’s Three Day Sea Kayaking Adventure

Sea Kayaking in the Monetzuma / Paquera area

Just around the corner from where the ferry lands in Paquera, you can find Bahia Rica’s lodge. This is a very remote part of Costa Rica and the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, yet it’s easy to get to.

Bahia Rica Lodge Paquera

Bahia Rica Nature Lodge

From the lodge you can easily walk down to a beach which is nearly private. The lodge is located with a private nature reserve called “La Nicoyana” in which only 200 people are allowed each year, keeping it pristine.

The lodge has three rooms and sleeps up to 9 people, with one shared bathroom and two balconies. It doesn’t have AC, but the rooms have fans. Costa Rica isn’t as hot as many people imagine, and you will find that fans are enough at night and you’ll actually need a blanket if the fan is on you. Meals are served in a common area.

Sea Kayak Tours

Paquera Map with nearby islands - guayabo and islas negritos biological reserves

Paquera coastal area map. Click to see it larger.

Bahia Rica is currently unique in the entire Southern Nicoya Peninsula in that it’s the only place with decked kayaks… the type with the skirt that keeps you dry inside, and are suitable for long-range overnight journeys. Bahia offers an amazing experience with their kayaks, where you’ll explore the tranquil oceans, protected island reserves and remote beaches around the area. The price is extremely affordable as well… currently only $390 per person for three nights including food!

Other kayak adventure options:

2 Hours: US$30/person
Half Day: $50/persons
Full Day: $85/person
Night tour: $20/person
3-day Sea Kayak Adventure: $390/person
Special trips: Upon request, ask for price

Sea kayaking is something we highly recommend. There’s no experience like it.

Fishing and Boat Trips

Bahia Rica offers a variety of boat and fishing tours around the area. There’s to much to explore here, giving many options. They are also one of the few places that has a specific “whale and dolphin watching” boat tour. Check their website for pricing and details for their sportfishing and boat trips.

Contact Bahia Rica:

Phones: +506: 2641-0811 / 8850-5314 / 8364-6966
Email: [email protected]
Website: Bahia Rica Sea Kayak Adventure
Youtube: Bahia Rica Channel
Facebook: Fan Page

Mangrove Kayak Adventure Video:

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