Montezuma Pacific Hotel

This is one of the best value for money accommodation option in Montezuma. The rooms here are clean, comfortable and are decently equipped with all essentials such as an air conditioner and fridge. Other than the reasonable prices and comfortable, well maintained facilities, the property is known for its friendly and hospitable owner Carlos. He is quick to get to work when you need anything without being too in your face all the time. Montezuma Pacific Hotel features a lovely open air atrium that looks magical when it rains. It’s located right in the heart of the town though in a slightly tucked away spot. Visitors therefore get the best of both worlds.

This isn’t one of your clinical, impersonal and expensive corporate hotel. It is intimate, small and well-kept. They exude a charm you wouldn’t normally associate with an old in demand hotel. They are grounded and keep improvising the look, feel and facilities of the property constantly. The hotel rooms have some of the best balconies with a view.

You’re just a walk away from most town attractions and activities, yet isolated enough to enjoy a quiet, contemplative vacation. The beds are comfortable and there is plenty of hot water available throughout the day. For travelers who want aren’t keen on splurging on meals, they have a well equipped and clean community kitchen. A visit here is best scheduled during the week days since that’s when the place is relatively empty and you can pick whichever room you like. It tends to get full on weekends and hence prior booking is advisable. This is no bugs, clean sheets, comfortable hot water shower and television place. They also have a Wi-fi connection that isn’t always best in the room but decent in the lobby. Guests can help themselves with complimentary tea/coffee in the lobby area throughout the day.

There is some nice live music that tickles in to the hotel from a park located across the street and that’s not all, depending on where your room is located you can a watch a nice range of local fauna from such as bats, agoutis and iguanas on the church ground opposite the hotel. The hotel has a beautiful terrace upstairs and a carpet at the beach. Carlos will also help you with all the information you need and other insider tips that only a local would know. This is a great place if you want to just chill out and enjoy a relaxed, slow-paced holiday without the frills and trimmings of a fancy, overpriced touristy resort. If nothing, the freshly brewed coffee each morning is sure to win them several brownie points with customers. If you’re one of the more boisterous night party animals, there’s a place called Chico’s Bar, located just a few minutes away from the hotel. It’s located a stone’s throw away from the beaches and hence allows visitors to enjoy all the attractions, activities and adventures in the vicinity.

Great Stuff

Clandestina Restaurant

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Montezuma Social

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