Romelia Sea Turtle Conservation Program

Baby sea turtles

The Romelia Sea Turtle Conservation Program is an unusual volunteer program for eco enthusiasts who are passionate about working on the cause of hands on preservation of Costa Rica’s natural resources and who are fascinated by the idea of being surrounded by nature and giving back to the community. Many foreigners belonging to the musician, artist etc. community who have made the region their home express their gratitude for it by participating in initiatives that give back to the community.

The RMVS Romelia Sea Turtle and Conservation Program’s mission is to garner support for long haul, environmentally sustainable strategies intended at the restoration and preservation of the region’s wildlife and land resources. A significant oceanfront lot has been generously donated to the program for research and implementation of the initiative. The program run by ASVO offers sea turtles an opportunity for survival, the eco system here a new dawn of hope and their visitors an opportunity to view the natural glory of Costa Rica for years to come. For this they rely on the support of the general public. There are plenty of initiatives undertaken by the program to make the locals and tourists aware about how they can be a part of the conservation efforts.

The RMVS Romelia Sea Turtle and Conservation Program is a component of the National Park System (SINAC). Tropical Adventures is possesses the exclusive contract to conduct the volunteer program in this national refuge.

The objectives of the initiative include protection and conservation of the Cocal Beach Sea Turtle through established funding for consistent turtle research and scrutiny programs, chalking out effective systems for cleaning of non bio degradable refuse that poses as a menace for the nesting grounds, promoting re-habitation of the indigenous eco system by re-growing vegetation, encouraging the international student/professional community for on-site research and ideas for preservation and conducting environmental awareness seminars emphasizing on the significance of preserving the marine/coastal ecological systems at schools, local communities and the tourist population.

Located adjacent to the Nicholas Wessberg Absolute Reserve (one of the earliest and most protected wildlife zones in the country), the refuge is the brainchild of Albert Ingalls and Gitza Gatti, who were inspired by their vision of conservation for land that according to them was their only home and the righ of their future generations. This land, currently the Romelia Mixed Wildlife Refuge (RMVS-Romelia), gives to the act as part of the peninsular biological group comprising the Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve, Curu Mixed Wildlife Reserve, Karen Morgensen Reserve, Nicholas Wessberg Reserve and the Romelia Mixed Wildlife Refuge.

The land of the RMSV radiates unspoilt characteristic Costa Rican natural beauty. It is an oceanfront land that witnesses the frenzied waves of the Pacific and encircled by inlands developed by rivers and waterfalls. It is one of the peninsula’s last remaining hub of pure wilderness. The RMVS is visited by thousands of passionate eco tourists for its untouched natural charm and spirited conservation efforts.

Romelia Sea Turtle Conservation Program

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