Mariposario Butterfly Garden


Visitors will enjoy this place if they have a thing for butterflies, dragonflies and other assorted insects. You will come across this place while hiking up to the Montezuma waterfalls. An initiative of the Marposario Montezuma Gardens B and B after they were determined from to reproduce the famed blue morpho of Costa Rica, this place has been quite popular with tourists especially families with young kids. More than 2 years later after pointers from local experts, plenty of hard work, and approval from MINAE (Costa Rican Ministry of the Environment and Energy) the park was delighted to open to visitors their jungle-butterfly garden by the ocean.

On any given day, visitors can enjoy up to ten different butterfly species. The gardens are verdant, tropical and serene. Photographers, painters and other artists can have a field day here capturing the beauty and essence of the nature. If nothing, simply go there to do nothing relax in the midst of Montezuma’s natural magnificence. One tip visitors need to follow is to wear a sturdy pair of footwear since the path along the hike is known to be rough. The staff here is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and fun.

They will share lots of information about the place and you can clear tell they are passionate about what they do. The owner Ryan is a knowledgeable and affable gentleman, who will give you all the small little insider gems you need in a place like Montezuma. If you’re put up in another in another property in the vicinity, you can come here for breakfast and enjoy an early morning walk inside the park. The staff there will also offer you information about all the wonderful species there and if you’re lucky you might catch a member of staff using a specific scientific technique to breed more blue monraches butterflies. Ryan will also offer you tons of suggestions, activities and attractions you can undertake in and around the area to help you make your trip an unforgettable experience.

The garden is located on a steep hill and thus visitors need to well-prepared and dressed for a hike up the hill. If you’re here on a good day, you can even savor the owner’s home brewed IPA. Ryan will also allow you taste some plant juice and sow you some of the most weird spiders you would’ve ever seen. There is a direct path from the garden that takes to right to the top of the waterfall.

You will gain insights about different plants, seeds and insects and how they harmoniously contribute to the area’s spectacular eco system. This is a fun, relaxed and personalized tour that is more attuned to the needs of visitors wanting to discover the area at an unruffled and leisurely pace. Unlike many other nature parks and eco tourist spots, the guides here won’t bore with unnecessary details but just enough to whet your appetite and give you a good glimpse into Montezuma’s eco system. You will learn the best tit bits of information about a butterfly’s life cycle and other fascinating facts, apart from spotting dome scorpions and dragonflies. Visitors will be taken into the butterfly enclosure where there were plenty of Morpho palides and other beautiful species.

The place is closed from September to November and their open from 8 to 4 everyday. There are no fixed tour times. They make guides available as and when tourists show up. If you’re planning to capture images of the butterflies here, it’s best to come equipped with an SLR camera a compact one will not be able to help you get the same quality and resolution as a more professional one. They’ve got some nice rooms that make a for a comfortable yet reasonably priced accommodation option. Don’t expect anything luxurious in the midst of the forest but expect to enjoy a relaxed, laidback natural tour (with a soda in hand) that showcases the lesser known gems of Montezuma tour.

Mariposario Butterfly Garden

Phone – 506-2642-1317
[email protected]

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