Downtown Montezuma Hostel

Downtown Montezuma hostel

Downtown Montezuma Hostel is located in the center of Montezuma. They offer dorms or private rooms, with private or shared bathrooms, kitchen, WiFi and more. This will be one of your most surprising discoveries in Montezuma. This is a relatively new hostel that spells clean, comfortable and earthy charm. Don’t expect anything ostentatious and you won’t be disappointed. The location and the ambiance of the Downtown Montezuma Hotel are excellent are easily accessible to most town amenities and attractions, though their rooms slightly lack character. The owner Elena is a friendly, courteous and hospitable lady who takes care of the smallest details to ensure the comfort of her patrons. She won’t mind you calling her even after she leaves the place to go home every night if you need anything. The place has a warm, cozy feel to it that in a way summarizes the true spirit of Montezuma.

Downtown Montezuma Hotel is Montezuma in a nutshell – unpretentious, relaxed and homey. This isn’t a place spilling with amenities and facilities but features a comfortably well equipped kitchen and other basic facilities to help you enjoy a relaxed, hassle free stay. If nothing, go there for the complimentary delicious coffee and pancakes offered by owner at breakfast. The vibe here is more like being at a close friend’s house than a hostel. They can get full quickly especially during the peak tourist season, hence it’s best to book in advance.
The property is centrally located in the downtown area and is therefore accessible to most town amenities and attractions.

Other than the comfortable rooms and a well stocked kitchen, the hotel is known for its top notch cleaning service. This is one of the best places to meet fellow hippes, backpackers and other knowledgeable travelers who believe in learning from their life on the road. You’ll rub shoulders with a lot of interesting people here and have some wonderfully insightful conversations. If meeting travelers from different walks of life is top of your list, Downtown Montezuma Hostel scores. Here you’ll truly come to believe that you needn’t burn a deep hole in your pocket to have a good vacation.

Another thing that works in its favor is the hostel is located right across the Puggos restaurant, which is known to be one of the best places to eat in the area. And if the prices at the restaurant seem a tad too high according to your budget, fret not; their common kitchen is a good option to whip up holiday meals of your choice. The place is ideal for everyone from backpackers, trekkers, road travelers, solo travelers, large groups, couples and families. The location is so convenient; visitors can simply walk down and explore most town attractions on foot. Most popular eateries, bars, clubs, shopping and other places of visitor interest are all located nearby, which makes this place a much sought after option for many.

Contact Downtown Montezuma Hostel

Phone: +506 2642-0284 / 8516-6921

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