La Lora Beach in Santa Teresa

La Lora Santa Teresa - a beautiful white sand beach

One of the most beautiful beaches around, and perhaps the reason that Forbes magazine voted the beaches of the Malpais/Santa Teresa among the Top 10 Most Breathtaking Beaches.

This beach has soft white sand, with no rocks, so it’s a fairly safe beach. It’s named for the nightclub, called “La Lora Amarillo” (The Yellow Parrot) that’s on the road at the beach access, about 200 meters away from the beach.

Surfing La Lora

Suck Rock point break: On the north end is a rock jetty and an epic point break which is also known as Roca Mar.

Beach Break: The surf here is very consistent, with a couple hundred meters of white sand with lefts and rights, and no rocks. The wave’s shape is often very good, and surf competitions used to be held here.

How to find La Lora Beach

This beach is in northern Santa Teresa, and is easy to find because the beach is named for the nightclub on the corner of the main road next to the beach access. This access is usually drivable, and there’s parking at the end, but the parking area isn’t legal and is sometimes blocked off by the municipality or the neighbors. So, you may need to park on the main road and walk down.

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