Indiana Horse Tours

Indiana Horse Tours

Indiana Horse Tours offers an enjoyable way and unique way to see the lesser known scenic spots of Montezuma. Guests get to ride horse-back through the picturesque back roads of Montezuma to the gorgeous secluded waterfalls of Florida. What’s more? You can feast on a snack of delicious local tropical fruits and drinks while swimming in the falls. They have horses for of levels of riders. Touted as must do by several travelers who’ve experienced their hospitality, Indiana has a nice range of some great looking and well cared for horses. The owner Deanna is a vet by profession and manages the horses (and the scores of dogs running about them) rather well. The guides are all knowledgeable, fun and friendly.

The best part is they will match you with the perfect horse according to your personality and preferences. They indeed have a horse for everyone irrespective of your riding experience and/or persona. Indiana (the owner Deanne’s daughter) is a wonderful guide and is a breath of fresh air from the scores of guides who followed a prepared robotic staccato like narration script. She is relaxed and spontaneous and will have a conversation rather than blabber information in a monotone. If you want someone who know the area and their horses, these guys are it. They will give you all the insider information about the Montezuma area to help you make the most of your trip.

These locals know their trails perfectly and will take you through some of the most naturally beautiful spots in the region. You will most likely end the ride at a waterfall where they’ll treat you a round of fresh fruits and a refreshing swim. You can also walk around and enjoy the scenery or go riding through the pastures if you’re a seasoned rider. Visitors can also dive off the high rocks if they want or swim around in one of the waterfall pools. If you want to see Montezuma from a local, non-touristy perspective, this is a great tour option. You are led through back roads and hillsides that few people venture to.

Add to that the affable personality of the guide and their insightful understanding of your horses and you’ve got the recipe for a fulfilling day tour. At the end of every ride, the horses are cleaned and fed and visitors get an opportunity to take in the charm of the farm and its animals – an offbeat yet enriching experience. They cater to families, couples and large groups and will customize the tour according to your requirements. You can add or skip some attractions along the way and pick and choose your activities once you reach the Montezuma waterfalls spot. Its best to contact them prior to the tour to discuss your requirements and riding experience to help them create a personalized tour for you.

Complete information about all the area’s hourse tours: Horse Tours in Montezuma and Santa Teresa

Contact Info for Indiana Horse Tours

Facebook page:
Phone: 8837-8244 / 8836-4245

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