Montezuma Coast Map

This map shows the coast in Costa Rica from Malpais and Cabuya, going northeast to Montezuma up to Paquera. Most boat tours and scuba diving trips start in Montezuma and head north to the Tortuga Islands, such as the Tortuga Island Adventure Tour will go. The journey takes you past Tambor and Curu Park. If you were to keep going, you could wrap around the point and end up at the Paquera-Puntarenas ferry terminal.

The maps below are in four sections: Paquera/Tortuga, Tambo/Bahia Ballena, Montezuma, Cabuya/Cabo Blanco/Malpais and show most of the available points of interest and activities, including surf spots, scuba diving sites, best snorkeling areas, sandy beaches, and all the known shipwrecks.

Map showing the coast, including Paquera, Playa Organos, Curu Park, and Tortuga Island

Map of ocean features and activities around Tambor and Bahia Ballena

Map of Montezuma, Playa Grande, El Chorro, Playa las Manchas, etc

Map of coastal activites and points of interest for Cabuya, Cabo Blanco Park, and Malpais

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Best of Montezuma

Most people are only visiting Montezuma for a week or so, and there’s so much to do that you could spend a lot longer than that exploring the area. So with limited time, what are the very best, most amazing things in Montezuma? Follow the instructions below, and your trip to Montezuma will be an […]

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