El Pinto Horseback Tours

El Pinto, the best horseback tours in the southern nicoyal peninsula

Marvin, the Costa Rican owner of El Pinto Horseback Tours, is a man who truly loves horses, and is completely passionate about his job.

As I write this, Marvin has earned the #1 spot on Trip Advisor, beating out not only the other horse tour operators, but ALL other activities in Montezuma. His clients adore him and the hotels and businesses that recommend him love him too. He has the best reputation in the area among horse experts, who say that he treats his animals the best, and is extremely professional with his guests.

Marvin has two basic horse tours, both of which are spectacular:

Horseback beach and trails adventure to El Chorro waterfall

Beaches and waterfall tour by horsebackA four hour journey from Montezuma center to a remote beach waterfall. You’ll spend most of the time on the beach, but part of the time on trails. Along the way you’ll pass beautiful beach spots such as Playa Grande and Cocolito an see two turtle protection sanctuaries. For most of the trip, there’s no development at all on the beach as these are national wildlife areas such as Romelia and Nicolas Wessberg. The El Chorro waterfall itself pours off a cliff and splashes down onto the beach, next to a gorgeous white sand cove, and it’s one of the most memorable spots in Costa Rica. Approximately 4 hrs. $40/person

Overland route to the Florida waterfall

Horseback guided tour to a remote waterfallThis tour starts on the “Pura Vida Road” which is a couple miles up the main road from Montezuma towards Cobano. We will travel along an old road, which very few cars ever use, eventually entering a private farm and discovering a remote waterfall behind Cobano. Very few tourists every make it to this spot. The waterfall has many pools, and a great rope-swing. Even though it isn’t on the beach, many people prefer this ride to the other one, perhaps because there are fewer tourists along the way and because the climate is cooler, with more shade. Approximately 4 hrs. $40/person

Contact Info for El Pinto:

Website: El Pinto Expeditions
Email: Elpintoexpeditions@gmail.com
Phone: +506 8385-9717

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