Horseback Tour to “El Chorro” Waterfall

Without a doubt, one of the best things to do when visiting Montezuma is to take a horse tour.

The only major industry around Montezuma besides tourism is cattle ranching, so Costa Rica is definitely cowboy country. The people here love their horses, and rodeos are frequent and very popular events.

We highly recommend the horseback ride to El Chorro waterfall, which is normally a two hour walk in the sun from Montezuma to the north. Most of the time you’ll be on the beach, and on horseback it’s faster and much easier than on foot. Once you arrive, you can enjoy one of the cutest beaches around, at the northern end of Playa Cocolito next to the waterfall, as well as the El Chorro waterfall itself, which pours off the cliff and splashes down into the ocean.

On the way you’ll pass by Piedra Colorada, a small beach with a river, freshwater swimming hole, and small waterfall. This is a popular destination for people in Montezuma to walk to. Past that will be Playa Grande, which is a very long, flat beach.

There’s a sea turtle protection program operating there now, which is a cooperative project between the Romelia Nature Reserve and ASVO Costa Rica, in which volunteers dig up the eggs after they’re laid by the turtles, and keep them protected. Until this project, most of the eggs were stolen by poachers who would eat or sell them.

The path to El Chorro also goes up into the jungle, crossing several hilly points, and there are some muddy parts that a horse can slog through much better than people do. In the jungle you’ll see virgin forest and perhaps some birds or wild animals.

To book the tour, contact Marvin, owner of “El Pinto Horse Tours” at 8385-7919

For more information about this tour, visit: Geoff’s Horseback Tour to El Chorro

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