El Sano Banano – Vegetarians Rejoice!


El Sano Banano from the outsideIn the midst of Montezuma where popular stores, markets, bars, and recreational venues are located, there is a place where Vegetarians can take dining pleasures – the El Sano Banano Restaurant. What’s more, while eating fresh and healthy cuisine, you can enjoy the views and feel the breeze of the vast ocean. El Sano Banano is popular and has a remarkable expertise in fish and chicken dishes. There are meals for not only the adults but for the children as well. A must try are the delicious Quesadillas, scrumptious Buddha Burrito, and the Black Bean Soup. The selections are actually extensive from salads, sandwiches, to sushis. Their salads contain a great panache which is not offered in other restaurants in Montezuma.
The Tropical Tico
While most vegetarian dining establishments charge high for a delicious meal, El Sano Banano offers a very reasonable price for equally the same quality and taste of food. The perfectly laid back but vibrant ambience of the resto is just a bonus.


Location : Across from the Park, Beside the Supermarket, Montezuma, Costa Rica
Price Range : 4 to 15 dollars
Cuisine : Vegetarian, International, Café, Organic
Good For: Families, Couples, Friends, Local cuisine, Special Occasion
Dining Options: Breakfast, Brunch, Reservations
Specialties : Fish, Fruit Smoothies, Frozen Yoghurt Creations, Espresso Drinks, Mocha Chillers
Amenities : Outdoor Back Patio, View Of Montezuma Life, Nightly Movies On Giant Screen.

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