The Seven Sacred Pools of Florida

Florida WaterfallsWhen Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of youth in Florida, he was in the wrong country, because the place he was looking for is in Costa Rica. These spectacular falls are a true paradise, and usually no one will be there when you visit. To find them, drive from Cobano towards Tambor, and look for a wooden corral on the left side of the street, and a house across on the other side. There is a sign that says “cascada” on the left, but at the moment it’s laying on the ground where you won’t see it.

To get to the falls, first you must pay 400 colones per person at the house on the right, then you go through a gate, and drive down a very bad road – really only suitable for quads and bicycles, but a 4WD can make it. Follow the road through two more gates, then when the road splits after a large tree, take the right fork and head downwards. Park under a shady tree and walk down a path to the falls, which are 100 ft or so down. Here you will find a large pool with many other pools before. The top pool has a great rope swing, which is more dangerous and fun than the ropeswing at the Montezuma Falls because it’s much higher up. Why doesn’t anyone go here? Tourists travel thousands of miles to get to Costa Rica, then they all become lazy and go to the same Montezuma Falls… well don’t follow the crowds, go to this one instead and you’ll probably have it to yourselves. Enjoy!

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