Hermosa Tidepool

One of the best secrets of the area, often overlooked by the surf-oriented travelers here, is the giant tidepool between Playa Hermosa and Playa Santa Teresa.

It’s only exposed at low tide, and at that time, you will find a HUGE natural pool, larger than an olympic swimming pool.

Filled with all kinds of interesting creatures, including puffer fish and other sea life trapped here from the receding waves, it’s a really great place for families with kids.

Huge tidepool near to Playa Hermosa, Costa RicaIt’s a great place for them to learn to swim, or learn to snorkel. They can also experience the sea-life close up. We have seen TWO types of nudibranch here… very rare and amazing species unlike any others in the ocean.

Keep in mind that there’s no shade here… the tropical sun reflecting off the water will fry your tender white gringo skin in double-time, so wear a hat and slather on a thick layer of sunblock.

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