Hipstamatic Photo Tour of Montezuma

Hipstamatic is a fantastic Ap for the iPhone that allows you to take old-fashioned photographs. In an age where even inexpensive cameras are capturing images that are more and more realistic every year, the Hipstamatic style adds a style, energy, and nostalgia to your photographic work.

Looking through these photos, one can easily imagine that they were taken 30-40 years ago, when Montezuma was just being discovered by tourists. Very few photos exist of Montezuma from that time, so these Hipstamatic photos can somewhat fill the void for those of us who live here and wish we had seen the town in “the old days.”

These photos range from the airport on the way here, across much of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, including Montezuma, Tambor, Santa Teresa, and Malpais.

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