Mar y Cielo Hotel – The Best Oceanfront Bargain in Montezuma

Mar y Cielo is one of the best-kept secrets of Montezuma. It’s a small, inexpensive beachfront hotel with a 5-star view, right in the middle of town. For backpackers and low-budget travelers, Mar y Cielo is probably exactly what you’re looking for… the secret place that few people know about and will provide for a very memorable stay.

The rooms are simple. It’s a rectangular, two story wood hotel without AC that can be very hot during the day, but at night you’ll be just fine with the fan. The only real downside of Mar y Cielo is that it’s very close to Chico’s bar, which means you may hear the music until late at night.

Colorful hammocks are a common sight in Montezuma

It’s located on a small entrance between Chico’s bar and Super Mamatea… it’s very easy to miss. At high tide, the hotel is just a few meters from the water. It’s actually built in the public 50-meter zone and must therefore be on the municipality’s demolition list, as are many other places in Montezuma that were built too close to the water years back. So we never know, this could be the last year that Mar y Cielo exists, so stay here while you can.

Mar y Cielo doesn’t have a website. You can make a reservation by calling them, or just show up in town and head straight there. If they’re booked, stay someplace else, but check it out before you stay anywhere else because it could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Mar y Cielo Hotel
Phone#: +506 2642-0036

Check Trip Advisor for reviews: Trip Advisor Mar y Cielo

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