Suntrails – More than Just the Owners of Montezuma’s Canopy Tour

Suntrails is one of several of Montezuma adventure tour agencies that offer various popular activities and tours on both land and sea.

Specifically, Suntrails offers:

Zip Line / Canopy Tour (Montezuma)
ATV Tours (Quads)
Tortuga Island Adventure

Suntrails Tortuga Island adventure tourIn addition, Suntrails has its own high-quality van and offers Shuttle Transfers to other parts of Costa Rica. What Suntrails is most known for is its canopy tour, since they own the one in Montezuma. The canopy tour, also known as zip-lining, is one of the most popular activities in the area. It runs through several steel cables suspended from various platforms in large trees in the Montezuma river valley, and the canopy tour includes a detour to the uppermost two pools of Montezuma Falls.

Suntrails Contact Info:

Offices: One office located in the middle of town, shared with Tropisphere Real Estate, and second office located at the start of their Canopy Tour, in Delicias

Phone #: +506 2642-0808

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