Cute black beetle with orange spots

Shiny black beetle with orange spots, just under one inch long.

Costa Rica has one of the world’s largest insects, the rhinocerous beetle, which is occasionally seen in Montezuma. Their larvae live in large rotten logs. They don’t bite, but they grip with their sharp legs and it can prick the skin a bit.

Giant Beetle Video

Most beetles are harmless, and the metallic scarab beetles are especially fun to pick up and play with.

Costa Rica Metallic 'tribal pattern' beetle Big Beetle Large Beetle
This beautiful beetle had a wonderful ‘tribal’ pattern on its shell. This large beetle was two inches long. It had big mandibles that looked like they could inflict a painful pinch, so I didn’t pick it up. A large beetle with big pinchers and long antennae that I found during the daytime.
Mating Metallic Beetles in Cabuya, Costa Rica Winged black bug with proboscus Golden Scarab Beetle
Metallic beetles mating in Cabuya. Medium-sized black beetle-bug with a long nose and strangely shaped wings. A golden metallic scarab beetle. These are approximately 1.5″ long. They don’t bite and are fairly common. It feels cool to let them walk around
on your hands. They have prickly toes.

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