Carla Montevecchi – Photographer and More

Carla Montevecchi at Playa de los Artistas restaurant

Carla Montevecchi has lived in Montezuma for over 15 years, and is loved by all. As a photographer and local web designer for many years here, she knows the area intimately, and is a great choice to hire for any area of her expertise, which are many.


Carla has been doing photography work in the area for over a decade, especially for weddings, for people who need to have great photos for their rental home or real estate, or when she’s building a website for a local business. She’s very affordable too.

Website Design

Websites have been her specialty for many years, and she approaches each project as a new challenge with a lot of creativity. She has designed a large percentage of the websites for local businesses in the area. Coupled with her photography, extensive experience in the area, and very reasonable rates, she’s a great choice if you need a website made.

Wedding Planning

Weddings and other event organization is another of Carla’s specialties. She is Italian, and a person who lives a life full of fun, color, and creativity, and her passion shows in all the work she does. I recommended her to organize a wedding for clients of mine in Santa Teresa once and the event was phenomenal. She brought in awesome people to help her and designed amazing flower arrangements. The event was spectacular and done much more cheaply than what one would pay in most other countries.

Real Estate

She has been selling real estate through her own company for over a decade, and was my original realtor, when she sold me the land that now is Anamaya, as well as two lots below. I own a real estate company too, Tropisphere, and I can honestly say I’ve never heard a complaint about her or her work as a realtor in the area. She is very well-respected by property sellers, and loved by the buyers she works with.

Vacation Rentals

Carla also works as an agent helping people to find vacation rentals in the Montezuma area, both long-term and short term. She’s been here for a very long time and knows nearly all the owners.

Contact Carla Montevecchi

Email: elencuen (@)
Phone: +506 8370-1724

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