Cocolito Falls – El Chorro

Yasmin Tobon at El Chorro
A two hour hike down the beach from Montezuma, the El Chorro waterfall, at the far end of Playa Cocolito is one of the most magical places in Costa Rica. If you take the trip, you won’t be disappointed. The falls are beautiful, often with a rainbow in them. The beach just before it is a perfect cove, with white sand and transparent turquoise water like you see in those posters on travel agency walls but don’t seem to exist in real life.

It’s a very hot walk down the beach, so you should leave as early in the morning as possible, at which time you’re also like to see wild animals on the beach. It will help cool you down to dunk yourself into every freshwater stream that you pass. Be sure to bring a hat too.

For most of the hike, on your left will be a national park such as Romelia Wildlife Preserve, or one of the large private reserves such as at Playa Grande. There are no roads and the only development is a very few old houses tucked back into the jungle, built by people who have brought the materials there by boat. They’re easy to miss and you’ll probably not notice any development at all.

Another option is to book a horse tour to El Chorro from Montezuma. This is quite a bit faster and easier. Experienced riders will be allowed to gallop down the beach on the flat part of Playa Grande or Playa Montezuma.

There’s an easier way to get here, which is to head to Tango Mar, which is near to Cobano and walk around the corner from the beach there, but should be done at lower tides.

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