Cortez Angelfish

Cortez Angelfish in Montezuma

Cortez angelfish in Montezuma and Tortuga Islands are considered one of the most beautiful fish in the sea. Their bodies are smooth and curved in shape with fluid grace in their every movement. Bright and bold colors and stripes cross their bodies which make onlookers marvel at the sheer beauty. These fish are beautiful to look at, amiable and peaceful by nature which makes them easily able to coexist anywhere with any kind of fish. Cortez angelfish do not react aggressively unless taunted or provoked to an unreasonable point. Usually, Cortez angelfish are gentle creatures that prefer living their own life, not interfering in matters of other fish in the sea. Cortez angelfish can be found from near Baja down to the coast of the Pacific Ocean and the waters of Montezuma and Tortuga Islands. Cocos Island off Costa Rica is also famous for hosting Cortez angelfish along with several other types of angelfish which are similar to this one in coloring and nature. Most of the time, Cortez angelfish can only achieve 1 foot in length but some rare cases have been known to exceed this average limit. Marine biologists believe that the average size for growth of a Cortez angelfish ranges from 2 to 6 inches.

Cortez angelfish are highly in demand for being aquarium fish. They are very friendly and their eating habits are easy to adapt to. They are able to derive comfort in every environment which is why they do not make a fuss if removed from the sea or the ocean. They are incredibly sturdy fish, able to withstand most hardships and scientists and marine biologists even go so far as to label them ‘outgoing fish’. Cortez angelfish tend to live either near rocks or ledges or in the reefs. They need places to hide in from their attackers and generally like being in places with lots of nooks and crannies. If they are given reefs and rocks in aquariums, Cortez angelfish will easily adapt to the environment and generally stay very happy, with the least amount of fuss. Scientists believe that Cortez angelfish, along with being beautiful, easily adaptable and friendly are also very intelligent. They may be able to pick up on environmental cues and if kept near humans, they may be able to start picking up on the human behaviors too. Cortez angelfish are quick to read certain signals and respond adequately. They are also called ‘fish with personality’.

The diet of the Cortez angelfish is made up of small organisms in the water. They usually feed on sponges along with worms, sea squirts and corals. Junior Cortez angelfish or fully grown adults with smaller bodies prefer feeding on algae present in the seas and oceans. These fish usually graze and pick on their food instead of actually consuming large amounts. Cortez angelfish are found aplenty in Montezuma beaches and nearby islands.

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