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Costa Rica Color If you want to capture the glorious natural beauty of Costa Rica, Costa Rica Color conducts in-depth digital photography workshops and off the beaten path photo adventures to exotic locations on their photography tours. Their workshops and tours are designed to accommodate participant of all levels and children are encouraged to participate.

Costa Rica Color offers specialized and unusual tours by not restricting themselves to a particular hackneyed schedule but by making each tour unique for its participants whether experienced photographers or novices. Visitors will have the opportunity to bag some of the best photographic opportunities and a chance to bring out the artistic streak in them.

Visitors will experience plenty of flora, fauna, natural landscapes, waterfalls, forests etc on their photography tours. The studio will also add their own dollop of fun, creativity and excitement centered on digital photography. This will be a great way to travel and expand your photography skills.

Photography Tours

Cost Rica Color offers visitors an incredibly fun and challenging hands-on learning experience to enhance their technical ability, fine tune their creative expression and harness their sense of enjoyment of nature photography. Photographers can opt to have a workshop on the beach, near a river, next to a waterfall, or on a cliff. They have tons of locations to help you pick from. Viewing the world up close and personal opens one’s vision and unleashes the abstract artist held within them.

Rainforest Stream and Beaches Tour – The tour begins at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula facing some of the most arduous back-road terrain. They have multiple photography locations and conclude the tour with the sunset in Playa Los Suecos, one of the most spectacular beaches in Mal Pais (weather permitting). Included in the tour: beverages, professional photographer and instruction. Half-day $340 per person (minimum 6 people).

Curu Wildlife Refuge Hiking Tour – This tour offers easy hiking trails hosting wildlife such as white-face monkeys, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, scarlet macaws, white-tail deer, coati, raccoons, coyotes, iguanas,and many other species. Visitors can enjoy the nature, the beach, and walk away with some beautiful photos they can call your own. Included: entrance fee, beverages, picnic lunch, professional photographer and instruction. Full-day $480 per person (minimum 6 people).

Camping and Hiking Tour – Photography instruction conducted throughout the most beautiful parts of the southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica with a knowledgeable guide and professional photographer.  Learn the history of Nicoya Peninsula and its flora and fauna from an experienced Chorotega with a passion for nature. John Ussenko will teach on artistic development in photography and its technical base for capturing the subject of your desire.  They will absorb you in the environment and unleash the creative artist waiting to be tapped inside you. Costa Rica Color’s breathtaking 7 Days and 6 Nights tour includes beach/jungle camping, hotel accommodations, healthy and delicious dining, campfire Q&A, transportation, and peripheral photography equipment and supplies.  Bring your camera, spare batteries, extra memory cards, tripod, rain gear, your shoes, and your sense of adventure. They offer everything else.

Private 25 acre Mini Reserve – Join them on their special slice of paradise. The land consists of virgin primary and secondary rainforest, a real jungle. Guests will get to witness abundant wildlife in the undisturbed natural eco-system up close and personal. Two rivers and three natural springs offer plenty of water for the native flora and fauna. Bring your camera and get ready for an incredible creative adventure. Included: beverages, professional photographer and instruction. Half-day $380 per person (6 person minimum).

Family Adventure Tour – Witness snorkeling at Tortuga Island and enjoy its picturesque white sand beach. Have a zip line adventure on Montezuma’s Canopy Zipline. Visit Curu Wildlife Refuge and a 25 acre private reserve. There’s something for everyone in the family. Costa Rica Color’s fun 7 Days & 6 Nights tour includes hotel accommodations, healthy and delicious dining, and transportation.  Bring your camera, spare batteries, extra memory cards, tripod, your shoes, and your sense of adventure. They give you the rest. Great fun for the entire family while they bond over natural images and their own new found creativity.

Photography Workshops

Here participants are able to concentrate on a single aspect of the vast subject of photography. This is great for experienced photographers looking for a refresher or someone who wants to work their way to expertise in a particular field of photography. All their workshops provide extensive hands-on instructions since, in their experience, this is one of the most effective way of learning.

Macro Photography – Photograph the artistic side of your world up close in nature. Focus in on color, texture, and light through the viewfinder of your abstract vision. Hands-on concepts and techniques of specialized photography equipment. 1 hour $90 (4 person minimum)

Light Painting Photography – Discover how to paint your subjects with artificial light and turn night into day (dark clothing required). 2-3 hours $140 (4 person minimum).

Night Photography – Capture star trails, nocturnal wildlife, and urban locations. Learn the techniques of long exposure and flash.3-4 hours – $180 (4 person minimum).

Photography Classes – Their digital photography classes are insightful and hands-on for photographers of all levels. Students will enhance their photography skills and explore the world of digital photography. Students will also learn the most effective techniques for capturing proper exposure and composition. All areas of photographic concepts and principles of digital photography are discussed. Costa Rica Color wants you to see and think like a photographer and express your individualistic artistic creation. The topics covered in the photography classes includes exposure, ISO, aperture, shutter, lighting – fill, directional, and flash, metering – spot, dynamic, and center, depth of field, composition – lighting and framing, rule of thirds (and when to break it), autofocus and camera functions – control dial, key pad, and menu.

Costa Rica Color
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