Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing in Costa RicaKite surfing is an ultra-extreme sport that’s usually done by people who have been surfing for a while and would like to try something new. You hold onto a large kite that pulls you through the water, which is balanced to your weight in such a way that with the right amount of wind and a nice wave ramp, you can launch into the air for incredible distances, both vertically and horizontally. The videos of kite-surfing certainly make it seem to be one of the most spectacular sports there is.

We have a few kite surfers here in the Santa Teresa / Malpais area. Usually you’ll find them at Playa Hermosa. The wind is generally best in the dry season, especially January through April.

Kite Surfing Instructor Franz

Franz, the owner of Pachamama Hotel in Mal Pais, is also a certified kite surfing instructor. Check out his website here:

Franz Kitesurfing Website

Mal Pais Kite Surfing Video

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