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Kelly Mason is a kundalini yoga teacher and professional photographer/cinematographer who lives in Montezuma with her two children.

The story of how she became a healer is very interesting. For years she worked in the movie industry in Hollywood, working on various documentaries and big budget films, and although she was always interested in health, it wasn’t until she experienced a terrible personal injury that she started her journey to become a healer.

She was in Trinidad, the country of her birth, when she fell from a horse in a very remote part of the country, sustaining multiple fractures in her arm and shoulder, to such an extent that the surgeon wanted to amputate. It ended up taking seven days for her to get to a good hospital, and during that time she was desperately trying to save her arm, and continually visualized light surrounding and penetrating her arm, which she saw as a golden color. When the surgeons finally went to put her arm back together, they found that all the parts and pieces fit together perfectly in a near-miraculous way that they hadn’t ever seen before in such an industry, and her arm quickly healed stronger than before.

Kelly realized that she had been given, or had developed, a healing gift, and started to explore this world, obtaining every type of energetic healing certification that she could find, eventually achieving certifications in:

Advanced Reiki
Advanced Pranic Healing
Trancedental Meditation
Angelic Healing
Kundalini Yoga

As she learned each one, she found that none of them were what she already knew. Her gift was something different, and she hasn’t yet found the right categorization for it. But she knows it works and many people have experienced its results. Kelly say that her healings take place on all levels: physical, mental, and spiritual

During a Kundalini Yoga retreat with Mary Patterson here in Montezuma, and during the retreat she started healing the other retreat members, and she received a very clear Dharmic message telling her that she should stay in Montezuma and do healing work here.

So, as so many people do, she “sold it all” and moved to Costa Rica, in the beginning of 2012.

Kula Paradise Details:

Healing Sessions: 90 minutes for $95
Private Kundali Yoga Classes: 60 minutes – $35

Kelly Mason Contact Info:

Kelly Mason
Cell Phone: 8519-7542
Email: Kelly Mason Email
Website: Kula Paradise
Facebook Page


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