La Hoja Nueva Plant Nursery

La Hoja Nueva plant nursery in Delicias

La Hoja Nueva plant nursery in Delicias

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Home and Gardening Center in Montezuma/Delicias
8380-7618 / 8376-0402

Visit Breck and Rachel Moore’s vivero (plant nursery), just past the cemetary in Delicias/Montezuma!

Opened November, 2007, the nursery is much more than just rows of plants. Here you will find:

  Rare hardwood tree seedling
  Fruit Trees for the tropics
  Organic Gardening Supplies
  Drip Irrigation Systems
  Landscaping Gravels
  Hanging Plants
  Ceramic and Plastic Pots

Shop for plants under La Hoja Nueva’s extensiveshade structure, where plants are arranged beautifully and grouped by type. In on section you’ll find a variety of herbs that grow well in the tropics: oregano, rosemary, basil, herba-buena (you need this to make a great mojito!) and thyme.

Balinese Furniture and Gifts in Montezuma, Costa RicaLa Hoja Nueva is much more than a plant nursery, however. They also have a large gift and furniture shop, with both products imported from Bali, Indonesia, and locally made goods such as ceramic sconces.

In addition, they have a large variety of beautiful hanging plants, complete with hanging baskets. Some of these are ideal for attracting hummingbirds to your terrace.

La Hoja Nueva will also be able to deliver your plants for an extra charge, and is able to obtain and install items that until now have been difficult to get in the area, such as drip irrigation systems, grass sod by the square meter, and lava rock. They are adding new items all the time and can sometimes obtain for you other difficult-to-find plants that are unavailable in the area.

Organic gardening supply store in MontezumaThe vivero specializes in organic gardening and has a variety of supplies. The owners also have a wealth of knowledge about which plants grow well in the area organically.

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