Mar Paraiso Fishing Tours

Jose’s (owner of Mar Paraiso Fishing Tours) fishing and snorkeling tours in Cabuya are safe enjoyable and family friendly. A certified boat captain from a renowned family of fishermen in the Montezuma area, Jose is a third generation fisherman and native from Costa Rica or Tico. For more than 15 years he has been operating tours in Tambor, Montezuma and Cabuya for large groups and families. Jose lives in Cabuya year round with his wife and three young children and they’re all completely clued in to the philosophy of helping fishing aficionados here have a great time. Jose will adeptly answer any question you may have about fish and the sea. Not just that, he’s also your go to person for any free information about the several incredible destinations in and around the entire Nicoya peninsula. He will happily share all the insider information and the area’s best kept secrets (not anymore!!) to help you make the most of your trip. This isn’t one of your pointlessly overpriced and glamorously pitched fishing tours. Jose keeps it simple, straightforward and fun. You get the real deal without burning a large hole in your pocket. Jose offers affordable tours for any budgets so we have the option of getting a tour customized according to your budget and preferences.

For reaching Mar Paraiso Fishing Tours, take a left at the first intersection in Cabuya and follow the signs to Fisherman Jose, immediately before the Howler Monkey Hotel. They will not jus help with the fishing tours but information about virtually anything you in and around the area.

The staff at Mar Paraiso are affable and helpful and speak both English and Spanish to cater to the tourist population. Though the trips will be a no trimmings affair, they won’t be short of fun. Jose’s boat will be stocked with fresh tropical fruits and beverages, should you need them in the middle of your fishing tour. On almost all days you will come back with a catch. There are only those odd days in between where you won’t be able to lay your hands on a catch with the Mar Paraiso Fishing Tours. If you think the fun ends there, think again. You can later clean /filet your catch and hand it over in the able hands of Jose and his wife Flori to whip up a delectable fresh catch of the day meal for you (they charge a small fee for cooking the catch) that you can relish bang in the middle of the beach under the star lit sky. It is best to schedule a couple of trips just in case the fish isn’t taking the bait the first time on. Visitors can expect to bait a large variety of fish such as mahi-mahi, tuna, jack fish and more. The footwear, fishing gear arrangement and outfit etc can be confirmed with Jose at the time of booking the tour.

Jose offers fishing tours, snorkeling and diving tours to travelers of all levels of learning in and around the Nicoya Peninsula. Their all inclusive fishing tours and other tours can be customized according to the visitor’s need and unique requirements. Since fishing has been their family business for decades, Jose knows the best fishing spots and strives to give his patrons the best price possible to help them enjoy the magnificence of the Montezuma waters without parting with a fortune. If you’re after an authentic fishing experience with a local who can offer you the best possible price, Mar Paraiso Fishing Tours is an option worth considering.

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